Friday, May 02, 2008

2nd year going to 3rd year

yap, i will be 3rd year counseling student in less than 3 months time
time really flies like a jet plane
it was just like few days ago, i came to UPM
seriously, time flies. i could remember semester one quite vividly but others...i'm not too sure what i did la.

anyway, my 4th semester had been the most enjoyable and memorable semester for me so far
i saw God move in ways i never thought He would
this semesters i began to see a little bit more results and breakthrough =)
4th semester i did stuff that i didn't do before and wouldn't like to do again. hahahaha...

i confronted friends, friends who i cared.
Truth hurts but truth set you and me free =)
it's certainly not easy though i learned so much about confrontation through counseling classes. however, to put into real life, it was certainly not easy. anyway, i would confidently say it helps =D

friends got more passionate about God just encouraged me so much in my walk with God. i really believe that God strategically placed each friends in my life for a reason. i began to really believe that God's will is really detail. when He said He'll guide our footsteps, He really mean it.

i have the honor *ahem* to be the roommate to my roommate (btw, i called my roommate "roommate" and so does she) she impacted me much by sharing her life to me. many of my perspective was challenged and changed because of her night lectures =P

besides, i also realized that being open with others actually open up the door to be hurt easily by others. it was definitely an emo semester. i couldn't recount how many times i cried and prayed to sleep. right now, i couldn't recall every incident that i cried for but i do remember i cried very badly. when i was emo, i always felt like everyone around me were also emo =P i don't know how true is true. erm... anyone would like to do research about it?

getting ready to step into next semester is super scary for me. i have few very good and close friends who are graduating. Friends who encouraged when i was down, inspired when i felt hopeless, told the truth though we hated to hear, cried together just because we liked too, slapped my back to buck up, hug me when i need one, chatted till sunrise,hang out when we wanted to... you know who you are! YOU meant a lot to me =) you see beyond my age and lameness!

4th semester was full of surprises =D i mean really lots of surprises which i really treasure and appreciate lots

walking into 5th semester is super scary. i'm not sure what lies ahead but continue to trust God that He will take care of me each day =) looking forward to have another semester of adventure with God =D

God is good for i have tasted His goodness =)


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