Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the journey to the center of the earth

Today, i decided to watch The Journey To The Center Of The Earth, 3D which cost me RM17 to celebrate my 10th time to the cinema in my entire life! =D

Hehehe... just joking about the celebrate part. But the 10th time to cinema is true =D and i'm proud of it. oh by the way, this year i watch 3 movies in cinema which it's a breakthrough for me =P

Oh ya, sorry side track! The 3D version of The Journey To the Center Of the Earth is awesome. RM17 was worth it since i had the best seat with the best companion. For one hour plus, i couldn't decide to laugh or shout -___-''

go go and watch! to encourage more movie to film in 3 D version and indirectly give me a reason to go cinema again and by doing this it give me opportunity to contribute to our Malaysia economy =D

oh i'm crappy =P anyway, nvm back to the topic.

The 3D version is only available in Mid Vally, so to all Melaka people don't emo k. Dataran Pahlawan got super big cinema =D


Sunday, July 27, 2008

new semester, new cell group

tomorrow, my cell group will officially start at 7.30pm

i long for a cell group that each one of us feel belong as a family.
i long for a cell group that carry each other burden to grow together.
i long for a cell group that true friendship will be found.
i long for a cell group that everyone look forward too.
i long for a cell group that exist because of Him =D
i long for a cell group that is empower and take ownership of it
i long for a cell group that love, encouragement, patience and joy can be found.
i long for a cell group that God is moving powerful.

sounds so impossible, but impossible is nothing to Him =D

I still do not know what to do for the next cell group meeting. a step at a time.

Here am i, praying hard. I feel so inadequate many times, no matter how much others said i did well. if God is not in it, everything is useless.

serving before in many ministries, i find serving in IK CG the most challenging and exciting. however at the same, serving in IK CG also have been the most discouraging and lonely road that i ever taken. while preparing materials for cg, it was always as if i met God face to face. Looking into my weakness and shame with an magnifying glass with God. it's freaking scary for i know without i am nothing. i am nothing to lead a cell group.

may God speaks.
may He be really real.
may He unite our hearts.


i still have net =D

i can't believe internet in my hostel room is running super well!
it's a good thing but i hope i will get over about having internet in the room soon.
every time, i manage to connect, i turned into jakun as if i can't use internet tomorrow.

my prayer came through! i prayed that my lappie can connect to wireless in my hostel room and it does now! wohooo... =D

it had been an awesome semester so far and it will be more awesome =D

for the 1st time at UPM, i finally ate durians at the ladang! =D though it was yucky, at least i could say i been to UPM durian ladang. hahahaa...

for the 1st time in 8 years, i played basketball for 2 hours straight. the next few days, my right shoulder blade like going to drop off

for the 1st time my pants tore after i fell while trying to balance on a curve. i'm a genius!

for the 1st time, i acted in my group presentation as wife! -_______-'' i hope it's the last.

of coz, for the 1st time i could online in my hostel room =D

my days in UPM is getting better each day! i'm really thank God for His assurance and love and being patience with me =D


Thursday, July 24, 2008

rainy day!

wow... i love the internet connection today!!!
i can't believe it. i'm in my hostel room and my old rusty lappie can connect to the internet!!!!!
oh, pls continue to be like this then i think my hostel is the perfect hostel already! =D i'm no longer feel like in the jail! can't stop smiling =) ;) =D

oh btw, during holiday, i found my 1st few post which i posted in my 1st blog.
dah tiga tahun dahulu....
i think i write better last time than now. =/

anyway, untuk bacaan kalian =D

I love rainy day!

I love the smell of the rain especial when it is just starting to rain or drizzling. The fresh smell of raindrops just refreshes me. I smelt before many kinds of perfumes but none can compare to the smell of the raindrops. To me, the smell that comes out while the grass is being cut is almost as refreshing as the rain’s smell. However, it depends on what kind of grass, some grass stinks and the noise of the machine annoys me. No words I can use descript The Smell Of The Raindrops. I miss The Smell Of The Raindrops these days….

I love the sounds and rhythms of the rain. Tick tok tick tok…. It’s special and make me feel peaceful but not until the thunders roar. Different kinds of sounds are produced when the raindrops, fell on different object. It sounds like an orchestra. There variety of sounds and rhythms in every rain if you just listen carefully, maybe you too will enjoy it! It’s so unique, special…

I love to run and play in the rain even when I am seventeen going to be eighteen! It was just a few weeks ago, I ran in the rain. I was shopping happily in Mahkota Parade with my sister, maybe too happy. We did not realize it was raining until it was time to go back. We waited and waited but the rain did not stop. Finally, we decided to run in the rain. We ran in the rain about 100m before reaching the car. My unfaithful scandal broke on the way. I walked bare footed to the car. I have great fun even though I was drenched. The feeling of the raindrops touched your skin is so enjoyable. If there is a chance again, I’ll do it again and again and again….

It truly amazes me the way God pour down rain on this earth. The smell… the sound… and the touch of the rain actually reflect how creative God really is. God not only pour down rain to serve as it purpose, but he always created rain for US, yes you and me to enjoy and admire his beautiful creation! Your creation is so so beautiful…


the walk

Yesterday, i decided to take walk to Ikatan Kristian instead of the usual running/ taking the bus to the venue.

i realized i have been too busy to look at the beautiful sky + the birds freely flying around + the sound of my footsteps + the trees waving at me (figuratively, not literally! Fuh... taking Tingkah Laku Bilazim taught me not to simply say stuff =P) + breathe in slowly + take a look at the orangie sun + peek at students happily playing basketball and jogging + notice the ants crawling on the road + realized being Pak/Mak guard is the most boring work on earth + the path i used to take last semester had been fence up + the curve by the road which i love to balance it on (despite the danger of it!) + enjoy the excitement of crossing the big busy road in UPM + the deep big drain that i jump over almost everyday + stop and see my study place for the past 2 years.

how fast time flies.

i really do like UPM.

btw, i do have internet connection in my room right now.
pls pray it will continue to be very consistent

maybe one day, i should tell about my story with internet

have a good day =D


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

struck in library again!

it's raining owl and donkey!
i am struck in the library again.

wow, maybe it a good thing since i have nothing else to do beside updating my blog bit =D

this morning, i had class at 8am. And guess what, i woke up at 7.55am and i was still very determine to go to class (with my honey and darling roomate encouragement, of coz). i reached my class at 8.20am! not bad uh? The class was conducted by 2 foreign master students. For once, i was more responsive in class because i could use English =D it's a BIG thing to me since ALL my classes are taught in BM except for English class. (Macam secondary school kan?) Hopefully, there are more classes conducted in English =D

yesterday, i played basketball for almost 2 hours. for the 1st time in like 8 years, i played basketball again! My legs are arching! i realised i no longer have much energy as i used to have. plus i am no longer as competitive aka kiasu as i was in secondary school. weird eh? age is changing up? hahahah... anyway, i think playing sports help a lot to stay fresher (i think so coz i wasn't really sleepy till 4am) i had fun sweat it out =D

let me talk about my nice and cool faculty library! This library is really nice with good connection and air condition. The books & journals are updated and well organized. There are tons of stories book and magazine. I love reading reader digest and flip through fashion magazine. Can you believe education faculty subscribe to fashion mag! ya, cool right? everything is cool, ALMOST. This library have one stupid rule - BOOKS CANNOT BE BORROWED! Seriously, i would like to know another library that do not allow books to be borrowed. Plain stupid, i think.

oh ok, the owls and donkeys just left.
time to go back hostel to prepare for CG stuff.
pray for me ya! =D

i'll update another time,
maybe another rainy day =D


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