Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blessed Christmas =)

Datuk, datin, Dr, Uncle, Aunty, dan rakan-rakan sekalian
Blessed Christmas =)

Exactly a year ago,
Time really flies like a jetplane =)
I always feel that on Christmas day is the day that most salah celebrated
This year, may you and I truly celebrate truly Christmas. hehee... =)


Monday, December 15, 2008

calling uncle and aunty

I used to hate to smilesmile and call "uncle and aunty"
I didn't see the point of calling "uncle and aunty"
and I used to kena scold for not calling uncles and aunties =/
now, I have repented but it's still not easy for to see an uncle/aunty and automatically call "uncle/aunty" =P

uncles and aunties who is reading this, please don't whack me =/
oh, forgive me. =)
oh by the way, if you reading my blog means you are still young too =)
so still not uncle or aunty =) hehehehe...

and so... last week, i went for my cousin's wedding.
the 1st things that popped out of my tiny brain wasn't about the delicious food but it was, "alamak, need to remember to call people."

super paiseh-ly, i must admit that at my age i still have trouble remembering what to address some close relatives. normally, all i did was to stick as close as possible to my sister and repeat after her =)

excellent plan kan? =)
so far no problem until i met my another cousin's kid.
the cute little 8 years old boy looked at me innocently and asked, "miss, can you borrow me your handphone?"

MISS was what he what he addressed me
i also didn't know what should he address me.

pay back time uh? =)


Friday, December 05, 2008

google and blog

Don't you think Google and blog has become too powerful?

Wanna go for a holiday?
just Google the location and you kinda know the place through others experience
and if you are still interested book a room online with just a click

Wanna know about the lastest movie?
just Google the title and you kinda know the whole story
and if you are still interested download online for free =)

Wanna do last minute assignment?
just Google the topic and you will find article, journals, books yang berkaitan
and if you are super desperate cute and paste aje la...


Wanna know more about another guy/gal?
just Google her/his name!

Most likely he/she has friendster, facebook, or a blog.
If langsung tak ada, I'm quite someone will blog about her/him too.
If he/she has friendster and facebook, add them as friend.
Most likely, he/she will add you as "friend"
Then, you kinda "know" them

If he/she has a blog, lagi gempak.
besides reading all the posts from alpha to omega,
plus you can also know about his/her friend from the link if you are super interested

Google and blog can be super scary
if you think carefully about the possibilities...

someone might be stalking you =P

Last 2 weeks, a long-time-no-see primary school friend challenged me to find the contact of the cutest a guy in my standard 6 class. He left Melaka to Penang before registering for Friendster and Facebook! His name is JOHN TAY and this doesn't help at all. In this entire world most likely has thousands or maybe millions of John Tay.

How to find? I have only 1.5 month to track him down!
I can do it with the help of Goodgle and blog somehow, I hope

Google and blog has limitations after all but it's still way too powerful, i think =)
What do you think?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

play in the rain!

When I was five years old, mum didn't let me to play in the rain.
The reason given was I would fall sick easily!
Reason accepted =)

When I was about 10 years old, mum asked me to play in the rain!
O.o? Yes, she asked sis, Jien and me to play in the rain.
Then, mum kinda had to teach us to play in the rain.
Super jakun-ed and deprived of childhood kids!

When I was about 15 years old, I didn't have time to play in the rain!
I studied like crazy since I didn't study much before that.
Kantoi =/

Now that I am 20 years old, *YES I'm still officially 20 =) *
I still love to play in the rain.

Today, it was raining elephants and owls!
Wohooo... good time to play in the rain =D
"ma, I'm going out to play in the rain with Jien ok?"
"sweating cannot! wait, get sick"

after awhile, we were not so sweaty.
"ma, can we sit swing and play in the rain?"
"what? big buffaloes still want to play in the rain? you want to be the big new in our taman?!?!?"

after a few moments,
"erm... you can play behind the house."


cis... by then, it wasn't raining elephants and owls already =/ but raining rats and frogs

I want to recruit people to join the play in the rain club. Public uni, UPSR and PMR students are super free now plus SPM students will be super duper free very soon! No reason not to play in the rain =D
The next time Malacca rains elephants and owls, can come my house!!! ;)
Oh maybe, we should have it in someone else's house since we only could play behind my house.
But then, by the time I find and drive to the someone else's house, the rain most probably dah berhenti!

Booooooo.... Play in the rain!

If you never try it, just do it!
If you don't to it now, then when?

It's really, really FUN =)

Bak kata pepatah Dr. Suess *fuh! SPM mood =) *
If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.

Let's play =)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am back in Melaka =)
I have been back in Melaka for about 42 hours.

And I have accumulated at least 16 mozzies bites!
Not one, not two, not three, not ten but SIXTEEN!!!

Today, I woke up in the afternoon with mozzie bites all over me!
Suddenly, I feel Melaka is like a big jungle or at least my taman or maybe it's my home only.

I think it's a need for me to wear track suit from head to toe all the time and put on mosquito repellent on every inch of my skin and fix mosquito netting on every window and I should always hold an electric badminton mosquito racket with me to be on guard!

Fuh! If this continues, I could foresee my holiday will be super duper busy whacking mosquitosssss!
 Maybe I should just be sacrifice my blood to keep the mozzies alive and I won't be busy whacking mozzies!
Win-win situation uh?

On the more positive side, I feel the love all over me.
I could literally see Malaccan mozzies simply miss me a lot or my blood is the sweetest of all!

Always positve kan?

Have a gempak week! =)


Wednesday, November 05, 2008




no more assignments, exams, studying, and... bla bla bla for the next few weeks!

I'm glad 5th semester is finally over! =D =D =D =D

Though my blog suddenly become so gaya, I won't be updating for the next one week =)
Because I will be BUSY! hehehe...

Happy Holiday to all the Uni students
All the best to ALL SPM students
especially to my dear brother =)


Sunday, November 02, 2008

no la... to thank you

He changed
giving her small compliments at breakfast such as:
"I lilke the way your hair looks" or
"Nice dress."

She wondered
"What is he doing?"
But she also knew she liked his words.

So as the days continued
she responded
and acts of kindness became more common.

He changed
she changed
They changed
And it was for the better

-Gladding, 1996-

 Why is it so hard to say or write nice nice stuff to people that we care for?
Why do we, Malaysians like to say "no la..." when someone compliments us?
 Why, oh why?
  Is part of being "sopan santun"?

It's time to learn to say nice stuff and thank you eh =)


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Welcome! =D

*Air stewardess' gentle voice*
Welcome to Desperate Witty Owl's stories =)
May you have a pleasant journey time reading

or maybe

*Willy Wonka's witty voice*
Welcome!!! Welcome!!!
Welcome to the most amazing blog of all!
Welcome to Desperate Witty Owl's blog =)

Yes, welcome! =D

If you haven't noticed any difference about my blog,
you must be blind or
you never read my blog before *tsk tsk* or
you are using Google Reader/ iGoogle/ Feed/ other programs for lazy busy people to read blogs!!

If you are still are Roogle Reader/ iGoogle/ Feed/ other programs,
jemput ke or CLICK HERE immediately!

aha... Thank you for your kerjasama =)

While I was busy studying for finals, Sue Fin aka my blog manager was busy designing the new blogskin.
*standing ovation* *pheewit* *wohoooo*
I don't know anything about htmlandalltheohsocomplicatedstuff
The new blogskin is nice kan? =)

Let me introduce to you the new gaya stuff in my blog =)

On your top left, you can see Home - About Me - Links - Subscribe
Click Home and you reach the main page faster than the jet plane =)
Click About Me and there you will read bout stuff I like =)
In Links pula are blogs and websites I read. If you know me and I know you yet I have not link your blog, please do tell me. Don't emo emo alone okay =)
Subscribe! If you have Google Reader/ iGoogle/ Feed/ other program for busy people to read blogs, subscribe to DWO! Erm... maybe you don't like the word subscribe, you can also click the subscriber’s icon on you right panel. No excuse =)

Aha, moving on to the panel on your right.
On the right panel,
you can click to subscribe my blog again if you like to,
view my normal not-so-gaya blogger profile,
view my Facebook or Friendster and of coz,
the link to my other blog - With A Thankful Heart.

Oh ya, if you would like to blog in With A Thankful Heart, just tell me or Anna.
We will need to interview you for two hours and evaluate the interview for two weeks and pray and fast about you for two months and make you our nanny for two years and ask you to list out 2000 stuff you are thankful for and then only invite you in =)

Scroll down a bit more, you can see the cbox!
Chat through the cbox to memeriahkan and mengempakan the suasana =)

Next, it's the 5 latest comments in DWO.
Hopefully, this will encourage YOU to comment more and make me flip my wings happy =)

Last but not least, it's Archives.
Under Archives, you can read my old-old ancient post if you are super free but I suggest you not to =)
The past is gone, the future is uncertain, so what's important is the "Here and Now" =D

Oh by the way, it is best if you use Mozilla Firefox to read DWO's stories
If you are using other browser, it might not be as nice as in Mozilla Firefox.
But if you are using other browser and it looks super cacat, please do let me know.

Plus, if you can't comment, can't chat, can't read the post or anything that you think is cacat about this blog, please let me know as soon as possible.
I will alert my manager about it as soon as possible.

That's all for now!
I should be studying hard by now.

Have an awesome week



Friday, October 31, 2008

About Me

The Desperate Witty Owl likes...

The smell of rainy days
Long cardigans
Ballet pumps
Handmade art and crafts
Laughing Out Loud
Colour-colour notes
Yummy laksa
Psalm 139
Ironed clothes
Walking till kaki patah
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
F. O. S.
Juwita Suwito
Kembang hair
Helping out in kiddie camps
Long slim tees
Jumping shots
Watching theater
Nice and chatty meals with friends
Donating blood
Going “Oooo” & “Ahhh” in stationery shops
Blog surfing
Taking risks
Eating maggie mee with lots of vege
Cute owls
Midnight walks and chats with God
Doing sit ups
Watching emo-semangat dramas
Chocolate and ice cream
Board pants
Playing with kids
Receiving random personal notes
Tesco chocolate cookies
Flowery floral skirts
Free bear hugs
Jonker walkie walk
Tree houses
Playing softball with ping pong bat
Blowing bubbles
Eating lots of rice
Reading super inspiring books
Being surprised
Breathing in fresh air
Playing taboo
Being random
Long detailed sms and emails
Karen Cheng
IKEA meatballs
Going for an adventure
Long deep sleep
Wellie Wellington
Chopchop stamps
Sitting on the swing till high-high
Lepak-ing at home
Thinking of creative concepts and ideas
Herbal tea eggs
Dramatic and semangat people
Stamps and postcards
To go for a haircut
Playing in the rain
Observing people
A mind that wonders
Making a long list like this =)


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Links Links Links

Huey Juen
Tze Seong

Else Where
Grandma Annette
Jie Min
Joshua Johnson
Su Lin
Thean Seng
Timothy Cheng
Tze Yuen
Weng Yan
Yune Yee

Superstar Blogger
Anna Rina
Gala Darling
Hot Chocolate and Mint
Just Minishorts
Karen Cheng
Kim Ong
Marina Mahathir
Pioneer Woman
Su Ann
The Bitter Stickgal
Yasmin Ahmad

Interesting Stuff
Chipz Lee
CRAFT Magazine
Jonker 88
KL Pac
Soak Republic


Sunday, October 26, 2008

sorry and thank you

hopefully i will be much better soon.
hopefully. =/
trying :)
i'm sorry. =/
thank you for your patience. =/
thank you. :)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the end of art & craft project!

The last three days of my Raya break was the start of my art and craft project of the semester – (beeeeelated) birthday and graduation and random hello cards.

The sudden enthusiasm and exuberance and excitement was overwhelming. I just have to brave myself and drove to Malacca town alone. Hopefully, I didn’t caused anyone to have hearth attack =/ but I think I did shocked mum a little for being too ambitious. Hehehe…

Anyway, I hopped from MyDin to Tesco to Popular to Ulat Buku to Thai Kuang in the hunt for the perfect papers. I still didn’t get the papers I imagined and wanted! How I wish ChipzLee open a branch in Malacca. Oh, my fave stationary shop =) I would spend lots of my time there touching the lovely papers and ohh arr.. at the cool stamps and test for a good black pen and check out the latest cheap wrapping papers and aww... at the super cute paper clips and wa… at the canggih-manggih glue and calculate how cheap is the envelopes and marvel at the various kinda of craft knife while nice Christian music plays softly.
FUH, as if I so gaya in making art & craft. Hahaha...

Ar... see, my mind wonders to another la-la land again.

Oh back to the un-sesat jalan.

In few hours time, I’m going to give away my last precious handmade card from this art and craft project. I like all my handmade cards though some bit cacat-ed especially those I made after I ter-cut my thumb =/
(No worries, no blood drip on any cards given out =P )
Now, I kinda miss the cards but at the same time I’m happy that the cards might made someone’s day, hopefully.

Mix feelings for cards! :) hahaha... I’m emo and weird.
Hopefully the handmade cards will be taken care by the new owners =D

Ar... my mind is thinking of when and what is the next art & craft project.
This is what i usually think during finals!

Oh crap... oh owl i mean, help me la!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

la-la land

While I’m studying, my mind wonders to la-la land

In la-la land

Early in the morning
- happy music - big awesome rainbow hanging in the sky – yummy finger food – bubble machine – cute polka dots umbrella – big red checked mat – sporting & on high buddies – flashy camera – sunnies - jumping shots – birds chirping away - happy-happy laughter – board games – gaya-ly dressed up – teddy bear hugs - tasty lemonade – juicy updates & stories – sing out loud – nice sunny yet not not too hot day – semangat mood – happy kiddy colours – chocolate & blueberry ice cream -

and then suddenly suddenly raining like elephants and owls
- still super semangat – dance in the rain – drench from head to toe – run like kiddy till puas-puas – swing as high as possible– jumping shots! – play London bridge – jump into mud - shoick sendiri habis-habis – yell out loud – big macho water gun – merry go round – stick out tongue – sing barney song -

and then at night,
- super comfy pajamas – lie down – pretty lanterns - chatty chatty chats – count the stars – watch a happy ending movie - polish & paint nails with weirdo patterns – hear the frogs croaks – eat kuaci and popcorn - read a kiddy picture book till fall a sleep under the dark starry night -

olala... happy happy day =D

ar... Brain, focus!

My brain always like this. Always think of lebih-lebih stuff when I need to concentrat. During exam period, my dream book aka idea book is the book I flip open the most =D if ever you see me busy jotting down stuff lately, I most likely just jotting down about la-la land =)

gosh... I blog more often when exam is so close

Yea and -.-''

Hehehe... loving it!


Monday, October 20, 2008

i miss my hantu mok mok hair

I miss my super thick and kembang hair that needed at least 2 hours to totally dry it and wasted super lots shampoo and caused my scalp itched super easily and often caused my comb to stuck in it and always ter-eat the hair and always blocked my eyesight and made my head a bit more heavier and...

because of the hair, friends called me hantu mok mok , Ali? Abu? from KAMI, sampat po, Radi from OAG, rockstar, last class student and...

Despite all those nonsense, I still miss my super thick and kembang hair.

The hairstylist who molested my hair didn't cut short the length of my hair, BUT you should see the amount of hair he cut off.


I like and miss my hantu mok mok hair okay!


not so easy anymore =/

For the past 2 semester, before finals, I told God seriously that Him being with me is the most important.

Results don’t really matter when I have Him
I did stuff that caused me to have less time to study
For in Him, I have everything right? =)

Wow… seemed so much faith and trust.

For the past 2 semester, I got 1st class!! =D

When I put Him 1st, He took care of my results
I was in cloud nine and thankfulness.
For in Him, He fulfill my desire =D

Wow… seemed so encouraging and uplifting

After getting 1st class for the past two semesters, it’s really no longer easy to say results don’t really matter when I have Him. I have experienced the happiness to get 1st class & the gaya-ness to be Pemenang Anugerah Akademik Peringkat Kolej & the easily earned 30 merits from kolej for being a 1st class student & the satisfaction to put a smile on my parents’ faces. Oh oh… it’s not so easy to let go my desires and ask Him to take control again.

Wow… seems so susah to say results don’t really matter when I have You

O God, can I have both – You and 1st class?
Can I? Why can’t I?
I know I can’t.
It’s either You or none of You.

O God, I’m so selfish.
I’m very sorry but I can’t help it
I wish I am not so greedy
I wish I trust you more

Oh, I can wish as much as I want
But I still have to make a stand, a decision
Thank you for you unfailing love and grace
Loving the selfish, greedy me

Once again, I lay down my desires and have You to take control
I know You will take care of me when I have You
Once again I want to tell you that results don’t really matter when I have You
I want to choose you over stuff of the world

Ouch! It’s not easy, God.
But I know, one day, when I read back I will remember this day
The day that I struggle and argued with my flesh and You
The day that I made a wise decision and will not regret it

Thank You for letting go and risking Your crown for me
Thank You for doing the will of the Father for me
Thank You for loving me the doubter, me the no body :)
Thank You



Sunday, October 19, 2008

best way to cut of the addiction of card making

firstly, take the craft knife and change to a new blade for safety purposes. secondly, take the blade and cut the thumb.

result guarantee =)

no longer can hold a ruler firmly to cut papers or fold a paper nicely. if you still insist to do it, blood will drip out and stain the precious nice papers. so end of the story of card making addiction

win-win situation.
hands get to rest, brain get to study =)

yea and -.-''

time to study =D


Friday, October 17, 2008


what is friendship?
why is there friendship?

is a friendship worth your fight?
is it worth risking your face & time & effort for a friend?

walking away and blame each other is so much easier but then we are friends.
we are friends. friends fight for each other, right?

every friendship are worth my fight, at least till now =)

friendship must be the best ship on earth =)

oh sesat sikit.
today, i realize i still miss this place
after more than one year, i still miss this place
91 Kelburn Parade

one day, i would really like to go back there again.

Go back there again to take a peek in the comfy room with nice side windows, walk in the busy streets alone, eating yummy ice cream in the cold, getting lost in the graveyard, be amused by the free museums, climb mt Vic till kaki wanna patah, have a cup of super good coffee by the sea, eat in the Korean restaurant =)after a long day out, sit the super on time bus, search for cool post box, cook miso soup after a super cold walk...

ar... i miss Wellie =)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

busy owl

gosh! i finished my assignments yet I'm still very caught up with lots random stuff!

wish people are more considerate and not think of themselves only and don't waste my precious time. =P

boring & complainy & arg! stuff aside.

yesterday, i saw a full very-clear rainbow!!!!! loving it... seriously, in my whole entire life i only seen a full very-clear rainbow twice. full as in that terputus-putus and not block by any silly tall building. very-clear as i could see the difference of every colors very obviously. it really make me very, very happy and blessed =) Reminded of God's faithfulness to us. It is also an assurance to me that He is still in control although at times i feel He rule the earth worse than Pak Lah rules Malaysia =)

with the semangat to make cards, junk sales & new bazaars & J card member's day & cool new found shopssss, and excitement to meet up & hang out with graduates are not helping me to study! too much nice stuff to do... how often we have cool stuff we are excited about! =)

it's weird to get updates about home from blog -.-'' yes, Jien now i'm telling you to sms & call me more often =) hahaha... =P

i still like Bangsar =) i like the nice lady who works at Booksforlife shop. I can take my own sweet time to read through it, choose slow-slow, compare the price&cover&writings, legally allow to open the seal wrapper, ah-ma around in the shop without being pressured. just love the feeling being in the shop. Plus the banana leaves rice in Bangsar =) (sorry, i don't remember the shop name) not the best i have eaten but most accessible to me. Rice+vege+spicy stuff+yogurt make me super duper happy! =) oh one day, i shall talk about the shops i like in Bangsar =)

i got to go now!
tata... have a beautiful day!


Saturday, October 11, 2008


oh i'm back in UPM since last Sunday.
almost a week has past. time flies like a jet plane

on Friday, finally, i finished ALL my assignments.

then this lecturer, Dr. J who wasn't and still is not really happy that i asked permission to be exempted from class trip to go church, decided to give my 2 friends and i work to do. oleh hal demikian, i still got one work to do =/ which is to translate his slides from Bahasa Melayu to English. i'm quite fine with the work, just wish he gave us a longer dateline and give us with a good intention =)

oh about this thing - translation! in UPM edu fac, lecturers always encourage us to speak English and read books written in English. BUT then hor, 98% of our assignments are required to do in BM! where is the logic? i read and study in English, then i translate everything to BM -.-'' sesat! i should be able to graduate with a 2nd degree in translation kinda stuff.

today, FGA provided nasi lemak as dinner. then i'm reminded of all the nutrients and delicious food that i ate at home. home cooked nyonya pongteh but chicken version =P , grandma's nyonya otak-otak, sis new invention spaghetti goreng with lots of vege, misua with lots of vege + taufu, maggie curry with egg, korean instant noodles with lots of vege + fishballs, nice brown rice with salted vege + kicap =D , buffet with lots beef + 6 big juice oyster + lots sushi, and of coz kampung lapan wan tan mee and fried oyster as my farewell dish!!! =D erm... one day, i should post of my meals in upm and what is in my big food container =) Mum once said to me, if UPM has famine and draught, i would be last person who will die. =P

oh ya, i think the reason i got the semangat to wake up early or in the morning when i was at home was because of this song!

Not because i couldn't wait to use the towel but i was more awake and happy when i thought of the song when i woke up.
the song was one of the songs sang in Broadway Parodies Lagi lah... i watched it a few weeks back! i love it lots! really, really a lot =) don't mind watching it again =D

btw, going theater and stuff is really, really addictive! it kept playing in my mind and the yearn to go again is quite strong. hahahahaha... i will miss KL Pac when i'm in Melaka.

Lately, i have been thinking about my secondary school friends. the very weird mixture of secondary school friends i has =P

it's the 11th day since the last time i cut my hair. i still feel my hair felt molested! hahaha and -.-'' but can't help it not to mention.

last Tuesday, my kad matrik was banned from borrowing books for one month because i had more than 3 books on the table! seriously, i didn't know about the rule but then even if i knew it, it's still ridiculous to have the rule. each kad matrik can borrow 6 books but why can't i have more than 3 books on the lib table when i'm going borrow later? bo-doh!

today, a guy friend very randomly told me, i should marry to a pastor -.-''

last Thursday, for the 1st time in history, i skipped 5 hours of classes in one day =/ because i couldn't walk properly because... =P

oh ya, i still wish that i could attend Anna's birthday part which was held 2 months ago =) seriously!

my owl collection i expending a little =)

for the past 2 weeks, i feel artsy. hopefully it don't last too long as my finals is really, really around the corner. it's a sharp corner =/

last Wednesday, i lost one side of my owl earring =/ aku mencari dengan bersungguh-sungguh tapi tak dapat juga. but on the bright side, my fave pants that terkoyak few months ago is undergoing a healing process. hopefully, i still can wear it when it is heal =)

Tesco chocolate chip cookies is currently my fave cookie =) lots of chip and cheap! i like Tesco =)

i wish i have a nanny in UPM to wash and iron my clothes, prepare nutritious meals, clean my table, print my assignments, arrange my schedule to meet up with friends, wake me up for class, put in the right books in my bag, find my missing stuff, return lib books, write out formal letter when needed, fold my clothes nicely and arrange it according to colors =) and... ya, i want a nanny!

today, i earned 12 merits from kolej because i am one of the Pemenang Anugerah Akademik Peringkat Kolej =D =) *pat on the shoulder*

i still like long detail sms =)

this is what i do when upm net connection is good.

i should re-start my artsy project!! 12.02am =)


Friday, September 26, 2008

coolest place on earth!

finally, I'm at the coolest place on earth again - HOME =D

After days of
sleeping at 4am to complete my assignments
eating at irregular time due to the limited food during lunch
without a laptop as my laptop charger died
worrying that virus might eat off my assignments
too busy till bathe after 9pm
missing out 8am classes
making library as my 2nd room at UPM
meeting here and meeting there
preparing and stressed over presentation

i'm finally, back home =D

you know what's cool about being at home?

even though i needs to complete three assignments and prepare one presentation during raya holiday, i kinda of looking forward to it. finally, i can do my assignments with everything i needed, most importantly tons of food around me =D plus one of the most important assignment i will be doing is eating disorder using cognitive behavioral therapy. thus, of coz i need to have good food in order i won't have eating disorder right? seriously, think a bout it. if i'm reading about eating disorder at UPM where i don't get to eat as much as i would love too, feels miserable and horrible eh? hehehe....

today i woke up at 9.15am without an alarm clock even though i slept at 3.20am! =D magic happens at home :) can't remember the last time i woke up the right time without alarm clock!

being at home, i can be irresponsible! opssss, but really =P i don't have to wake up on time to go class, i don't have to buy food and remember to eat on time, i don't have to make time to put the clothes into washing machine, i don't have to make sure i bathe early since got water heater, i don't have to care about whether what i wear mengikut peraturan kolej (cis!) and... okay, i am a lazy owl =D

and of coz, i don't have to have a ticking clock in head while using internet. in UPM i have a limited time of 40 hours per week to use internet. in upm, i am super jimat cermat while using internet plus i don't get to msn much =P at home, it is the other way round la =D

another cool thing about at home, i can eat lots without gaining weight. seriously, in upm, i eat quite little compare to at home and i never fail to gain weight. i don't mind gaining weight, if the food i eat is worth the weight i gain! =P oh, i love the brown rice at home. Rice, rice, rice... =D my theory is when there is nice food available, i'm happy. when i'm happy, my metabolism increases. when metabolism increases, no matter how much food i eat i don't gain weight! =D cool right?

some people always say i make UPM sound lika a horrible place. not true and it's not my point. my point is being at home is cool =D one day, i shall post about stuff i super like in UPM. the one day will come, please be patient with me =)

aha... one of the coolest thing while i'm studying in UPM is to go out with friends and do jumping shots without eyes starring at me. seriously, i never publicly did jumping shot in Melaka before. Guess in Melaka people are more free, hence more time stop and look and kepo! or maybe in KL, people are weirder so doing jumping shot is just a normal! =P


my family journal

"My family journal" was the ultimate assignment that kept me busy for the last 2 weeks

28 pages long excluding 2 pages of childhood pics - double spacing - font Verdana - font size 11 - average time spend 1.5 hours per page - focus on childhood - the most enjoyable and meaningful assignment i ever done - like writing a longer version of blog post - obsessed with it - flip through dictionary like crazy - tears were shed as i jotted down my memories! EMO :) - body ached badly after sitting 8 hours straight - forgotten to eat & bathe - squeezed every inch of my brain to construct tons of proper English sentences - check and recheck grammar but I'm sure still got super lots mistakes - eat up 90% of my interest to post in blog - reminded of God's faithfulness in my life - realized there are parts of me never change =) - recalled and analyzed the mistakes of the past was emotional draining - learned that my past is a part of me but I'm not a prisoner of the past - i no longer remember a huge part of my childhood - thankful for the people who played their roles in my life...

no longer larat to continue to write.
a picture speaks a thousand words kan?

----------Spot me? =) the ten years old me - church camp - Fraser's Hill ----------

time flies faster than the jet plane!

aha... another picture =)


Saturday, September 13, 2008


as usual, I'm so caught up with assignments to do.
i really wish I'm not so particular & detail in my work
but if I'm not, i feel like i didn't give my best =/


upm net has been super crazy.
i have no problem connecting facebook, friendster, all the blogs, msn, blogger and every other website except for GOOGLE, GMAIL and GOOGLE READER!
i didn't realize the importance of GOOGLE, GMAIL and GOOGLE READER until now! hehe...
just like i didn't realized how important my family to me until i went to matriks! =/

just awhile ago, i decided to take midnight walkie walk alone again
just me alone, away from being surrounded by people
just me alone talking to God.
moments of Him and me is like magic.
it never fail to refresh and lift me up.
it's not like i feel like super owl now
i still feel tired and stress but there is also a sense of stillness and being loved.
it's just overwhelmed me
if only, i could discipline myself to spent time with Him
just Him and I :)

I have been listening to You In Me by Juwita Suwita for the last one hour!
Super nice song =D

weird! though i'm tired, i'm not sleepy yet.
another half page of report =P

can't wait to go back Malacca =D


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reality therapy

Last night, i just felt i couldn't stop complaining!!!
i spent some time complaining to God before dozing off.

Today, i decided to read up a little bit about Reality Theory.

Characteristics of Reality Therapy

Reality therapist do not listen very long to complaining, blaming, and criticizing because there are the most ineffective behaviors in our behavioral repertoire.

When clients point out correctly that this is unfair, the therapist may agree and say, "There is no guarantee that life is fair, You are the only person who can change. Complaining may feel good for a short time, but it is a completely ineffective behavior."

-Corey, Gerald (2005). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Brooks/Cole, Thomson Learning Inc.-

Did God just use a counseling book to speak to me?
Did He? Would He?

I'm suspecting God is using Reality Therapy on me! hehehe...
whatever it is, it made my day just to have the silly random thought!




iwantto...iwantto...butidonothavethetimetodoit. whencanihavetime?
idonothavetimetobepissedoffwhichmakemeverygrumpyandtired =(

mayatthistime,ilearntowaitforyoupatientlywithhope :)




Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh what a day!

i will survive today!

for the 1st time, i'm very glad that i didn't study much for test!
this morning paper have ONE question only which require much understanding and general knowledge. it would be a waste of my time to study for the test. with my merepek skills, i do i hope i do ok in it. oh no so salah la, didn't study much for test still hope to do well -.-" pls do not follow my example

now i'm suppose to prepare for my next test which is in 9 hours time. i have no mood to study, simply too many names, definitions, facts, remember. gosh! anyway, it's objective so i definitely have an answer for every question =D

aha check out this super nice handmade jewelery blog, Mimpi

can't wait for all my silly test to end!!!!!!!
arg! life is more than test!
get a life la =P


Sunday, August 17, 2008

back home after 6 weeks

oh i'm back home sweet home after 6 weeks in UPM


Being at home is awesome because...
i get to eat a bowl of rice every 2 hours
i can sleep on a bigger bed
i can watch LATTE@8 and badminton finals comfortably
(Latte@8 is on 8TV again =D after disappearing for years =)
i don't have boil my own water
i get to use MSN, finally
i see food is everywhere!
i can cook my food properly
i can use wireless internet without a clock ticking in my mind
(at kolej, i only i have a limited time to use internet)
i can see & talk to my family =D

isn't it cool?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Be a counseling student and a friend

Is it possible to be a counseling student and a friend to another counseling student?

Impossible is nothing to Him right?
but then, IT IS REALLY HARD!

Counseling student 1 : Hey, you seemed like thinking of something. Do you like to share?

CS 2 : ARG! Can you don't always use your counseling skills on me?!?!?!

*pissed off!*

CS 1 : Er... then what you wanna me to say?

CS 2 : Be a friend?

CS 1 : Oh ok! So, you seemed like thinking of something. Say, say, say. Say now! Tell me now!

CS 2 : -____________-" can't you use your skills bit uh?

See, is it hard?
A dilemma all counseling students have to face =D

to be kepochi friend or to be a friend who has counseling skills?

oh yes, stop guessing i am CS 1 or CS 2 if you are wondering!
don't be a kepochi friend, remember?
hehehehehe... =D


The Rat

Last week, my lecturer was talking about phobias. He was explaining the different kinds of phobias and the names! Oh how interesting are the names. Then, he casually asked, “Siapa takut ular?” A few students rose up their hand and the next thing I saw was a few snakes wiggling on his hand and the class went…

Oh, I shall not talk about the reaction, just in case I break the confidential etiquette of my class.

Or have I broken it?
Er… not too sure about it. If you who is reading this, is my classmate and you think I have broken it, just let me know ya?
I will delete it off. Don’t need to sue me. My middle is already Sue =D

Oh yes, sesat again.
Back to the story, I was quite fine with snakes plus obviously the lecturer not so brave to take snakes right? (ops, am I underestimating my lecturer?)

After awhile, the lecturer asked, “siapa takut tikus?”
My toes curled up, stomach feel a bit weird and my shoulder shrunk in. From almost slipping off the chair, suddenly, I straighten up!
There, in his hands, was a rubbery soft black rat with utterly geli super long springy tail! After showing off awhile, he started to twist and turn the utterly geli super long springy tail!

Just by looking at it, I felt like yelling out loud.
But of cause, I didn’t. I’m brave, I got image to keep, I’m DWO =P Hahahahah…

It reminds me of my encounter with a big fat rat with utterly geli super long springy tail four years ago.

Four years ago, when I was form four, I attended Accounts tuition class on 7.30am, Sunday.
Yes, you read it correctly. Accounts tuition, 7.30am, SUNDAY!
(Now think of it, I think I was really hardworking! WAS =/ )

One beautiful Sunday, as usual, I woke up 7am with my eyes still could barely open. I dragged myself to the bathroom. While brushing my teeth, the back of my mind, I must be thinking I wish I don’t need to wake up, I wish I was smarter, I wish I didn’t tell my form 3 Kemahiran Hidup(KH) teacher that “there is only four accounts questions in PMR KH paper. So what is the use of studying Account?”, I wish the tuition class is held later, I wish… oh how I wish =D

As I was thinking, I heard a sound of footsteps in the toilet.
It was very quick yet soft little footsteps.

I looked into the mirror carefully.
I though I must be day dreaming. I wasn’t quite awake yet.
After few seconds, I heard it again.
But this time, louder, clearer and quicker.
I looked into the mirror.
I turned my back.
I looked up!
Lo and behold, I saw a super fat rat with utterly geli super long springy tail running super fast around the four walls of the toilet.

I was super stunned, freak out, in unbelief state.
If I’m not mistaken, few weeks before that, I just wrote an English essay about being trap in a room with rats.

Quickly, I jumped up to the water tank. That was the most logical and best solution I could thought of at that moment of time.
The big fat rat with utterly geli super long springy tail was surrounding me in circles!!!!
After I regained my ability to breathe, I quickly ran out of the toilet and latched it. Then, there was I, outside the toilet, yelling out loud for daddy the hero!

Oh crap, what would I do without daddy! =/

So, here’s my story how I started to scare of rats.

Oh yes, I was super traumatize by it!

Don’t you ever try to throw a big fat rat with utterly geli super long springy tail at me! I wouldn’t take, and I wouldn’t have the sporting-ness & strength to laugh even after I realized it’s a prank, and then tears will start to fall like raindrops, and then you will have no way of comfort me, and you will start to feel super duper guilty for traumatizing me the next few days for an exchange of few seconds of my freaking out moment!

I just help you to think and analyze the consequences. =D hehehe…
Am I not a good future counselor? ;)

Okie dokie. Now back to my classroom.
The lecturer seemed to enjoy wiggling the utterly geli super long springy tail. After awhile, he got bored at it. Then, suddenly, someone said, “Dr, ada katak tak?” (hahahaa... so funny! ada Katak tak? hehehee =D ops sorry, shock sendiri again)

If you have not read of my frog story, it’s here or here =)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the walk

side note: i should be studying since few hours ago but then my blur and sleepy mood is still lingering. no use studying right? what an excuse! =P


In UPM Education faculty, most likely your day began at 8am, if you are a bit luckier then a little bit later.

This semester, Monday to Friday i have classes either start on 8am or 9am!
When i first saw my this semester schedule and observed my holiday sleeping pattern, i knew i'm in big trouble. despite of the 3 weeks camp Cameron that trained me to wake up 7am and stay awake the whole morning, i still find it almost impossible to wake up 7am by my own will.

hence for the past 6 weeks of my uni life, i am either super late for class or panting in class!

everyday, except for Monday, i walk to class.

for monday class, i take the bus since my class is a bit far to walk.
therefore, i have been faithfully late for class! =/

for other days than Monday, i walk to class. it's not that i love to walk but i simply don't have time to wait for the bus! =/
therefore, i have been panting crazily for the 1st 10min in class.

lately, i realized i only need 7 minutes to walk from my hostel to my faculty with my dainty ballet pumps.
rewind to my 1st semester, i needed 15 minutes to walk the same distance with my nike sport shoes.

wohoo... What an achievement!
an achievement to save time
an achievement to save time to sleep more
an achievement to save time to sleep more to give my brain more oxygen
ab achievement to save time to sleep more to give my brain more oxygen to be more alert in class


Everyday, around 7.53am, i would start my journey to my faculty.
without fail, i would see the same people i saw yesterday, same time, same place =)
What an assurance, i'm not alone =D
bad habit dies hard la...

first semester, walking to class was a relaxing and time alone with God in the morning.
i took my own sweet time getting myself ready to face the brand new day =)

however, this semester, walking to class seemed to be like a competition to me.
As the days goes by, i realized i walk faster and faster, and so are the others.
they improved so much that it encourages me to go class later so that i have more motivation and adrenaline rush to walk faster to class -.-''
am i learning the wrong lessons, i wonder?

anyway, now, my calves are firmer than ever =D


Monday, August 11, 2008

i wish

i have to endure 5 tests this week before i could enjoy the luxury of home =D

*oh ya, Malacca finally have ONE donuts shop - BIG APPLE =D *

anyway, i know i need to study but i hate to study in a hurry.

i like to study and think, think, think think. think how can i use in situations and think whether the Bible say anything about it. but then, if i continue to do this, i'm not going finish studying even one subject!

in like 5 hours, i have test yet i am still not fully prepared.

and here i am, still can read blogs and e-window shop at
*if you are busy, pls do not click it. flee from temptation =D *
oh i should never start talking about which are the dresses, skirts and bags i like to own!
plus i should never start talking about how the clothes in is so cheap for an American and why can't Malaysia have it!
oh it's time like this i have all the inspiration to do craft and write letters!

how i wish i have more time or should i wish i am more discipline or should i wish i don't need to sleep or should i wish money can drop from the sky or should i wish i have a maid in UPM or should i wish my books are thinner or should i wish i'm a genius or should i wish for a holiday now or...

oh how i wish i could stop thinking of what i wish -_______-''
complicated owl :)


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Will Be Write Back

lately, i have so much to write about but simply don't have time to do it or some i can't write for some reasons.
life have been good. oh no, i mean awesome!!!!!!! =D :)

you know sometimes, how i wish things, people and myself would be different and change.
just wish la, coz it looks and sounds very impossible.
but then, it turned out to be how i wish it would be.
isn't it awesome! really fantastic and bombastic =D

oh i'm comfirm going back Malacca next week.
i have transnational 7pm 15.8.08 bus ticket in my wallet.
yes, i'm seriously going home =D
gosh... i can't believe i actually needed to buy tickets so early to just go back Malacca. hahahaha...

i have like 6 test next week, and i have not studied much =/
and i plan to go for UPM dogathon (check out the website and come! though i never been before, i heard it was fun. i'm really making sure i'm going this year though i'm super busy! =P ), and have meals with cg members, prepare cg materials, go for jog...

gosh... i'm too ambitious eh?
shot! i should start studying NOW.



Monday, August 04, 2008

Wait patiently

Wait patiently don't exist in my dictionary YET!

Not yet but soon!

When i was in primary school, my most stressful moments was to wait alone for my aunt/mum to pick me up. i hated it. if aunt/mum didn't come in half an hour, my tears could stop flowing down. i worried that i would be forgotten and nobody remember to pick me up.

When i was in my secondary school, my most stressful moments was to wait to enter the examination hall. my stomach and intestines would get super cranky. i would rush to toilet and worried i would be late for examination. plus, i worry teacher would forgot i was supposed to take the paper.

after graduating from secondary school, waiting for matriculation acceptance letter was my stressful moments. i worry that my application was not filled correctly or my application never arrived in their office. i prayed and cried and prayed and worried. ARG!

oh how i hated to wait.

then when i successfully entered matriculation, i realized God was teaching to wait patiently. from waiting for friends to get dress up to waiting for the unfaithful bus that come sesuka hati to waiting for lecturer to come in kuliah to waiting for a plate of horrible nasi goreng kampung to waiting for countless meeting to start!

oh waiting irked me to the bits.
for i didn't wait patiently. i waited very anxiously.

in matriculation, i learned a lot about waiting patiently and i thought i have grasps it all.

when i came UPM, i felt i was improving well in my waiting patiently skills. i'm ok waiting PATIENTLY for komuter bus for an hour. it's a breakthrough for me. I felt God has taught me through the course of waiting patiently. it was as if i graduated from the course and God was done with me in 'waiting patiently'

then, last friday, i wanted to go back to Melaka but ALL tickets were sold out.

side note: i think the numbers of ppl taking bus have increase tremendously. it very advisable to buy ticket few days earlier. can't have last minute plan already =/

back to the story, i had to wait for my sister sms reply and then, finally wait for her at KL central for about 2 hours. i was okay about it but after 15 minutes, i started shaking my legs and started scribbling. my stomach got cranky again. i started to worry she would forgot to pick me up. Sign of me being very anxious again.

After awhile, something just click and pop in my mind. i realized this is how i treat God also. I wait for God to move anxiously, in a hurry, with thoughts flying through my mind, with worry that He might forgot to speak to me. my quiet time always have been an anxious quiet time -.-''

i was battling with God about it and pouring my heart to Him. Told Him how hard is it for me to wait for i hate waiting. I ask Him could He speak faster to me rather than i have to wait.

then out of a sudden, a question popped in my mind, "are you waiting for Me or am I waiting for you?"

WOW! *hard bang on the head*

that night while i was asleep, in my dream, i heard a clear soft voice said, " I am by your side."

God doesn't just want to give me the breakthrough but to walk with me in the breakthrough.

What a comfort!
I feel very loved by Him last weekend.
Indeed, very loved.

how can i ever stop loving this God? =D

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope."
Psalm 130:5

oh, i shall wait patiently with hope =D


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the journey to the center of the earth

Today, i decided to watch The Journey To The Center Of The Earth, 3D which cost me RM17 to celebrate my 10th time to the cinema in my entire life! =D

Hehehe... just joking about the celebrate part. But the 10th time to cinema is true =D and i'm proud of it. oh by the way, this year i watch 3 movies in cinema which it's a breakthrough for me =P

Oh ya, sorry side track! The 3D version of The Journey To the Center Of the Earth is awesome. RM17 was worth it since i had the best seat with the best companion. For one hour plus, i couldn't decide to laugh or shout -___-''

go go and watch! to encourage more movie to film in 3 D version and indirectly give me a reason to go cinema again and by doing this it give me opportunity to contribute to our Malaysia economy =D

oh i'm crappy =P anyway, nvm back to the topic.

The 3D version is only available in Mid Vally, so to all Melaka people don't emo k. Dataran Pahlawan got super big cinema =D


Sunday, July 27, 2008

new semester, new cell group

tomorrow, my cell group will officially start at 7.30pm

i long for a cell group that each one of us feel belong as a family.
i long for a cell group that carry each other burden to grow together.
i long for a cell group that true friendship will be found.
i long for a cell group that everyone look forward too.
i long for a cell group that exist because of Him =D
i long for a cell group that is empower and take ownership of it
i long for a cell group that love, encouragement, patience and joy can be found.
i long for a cell group that God is moving powerful.

sounds so impossible, but impossible is nothing to Him =D

I still do not know what to do for the next cell group meeting. a step at a time.

Here am i, praying hard. I feel so inadequate many times, no matter how much others said i did well. if God is not in it, everything is useless.

serving before in many ministries, i find serving in IK CG the most challenging and exciting. however at the same, serving in IK CG also have been the most discouraging and lonely road that i ever taken. while preparing materials for cg, it was always as if i met God face to face. Looking into my weakness and shame with an magnifying glass with God. it's freaking scary for i know without i am nothing. i am nothing to lead a cell group.

may God speaks.
may He be really real.
may He unite our hearts.


i still have net =D

i can't believe internet in my hostel room is running super well!
it's a good thing but i hope i will get over about having internet in the room soon.
every time, i manage to connect, i turned into jakun as if i can't use internet tomorrow.

my prayer came through! i prayed that my lappie can connect to wireless in my hostel room and it does now! wohooo... =D

it had been an awesome semester so far and it will be more awesome =D

for the 1st time at UPM, i finally ate durians at the ladang! =D though it was yucky, at least i could say i been to UPM durian ladang. hahahaa...

for the 1st time in 8 years, i played basketball for 2 hours straight. the next few days, my right shoulder blade like going to drop off

for the 1st time my pants tore after i fell while trying to balance on a curve. i'm a genius!

for the 1st time, i acted in my group presentation as wife! -_______-'' i hope it's the last.

of coz, for the 1st time i could online in my hostel room =D

my days in UPM is getting better each day! i'm really thank God for His assurance and love and being patience with me =D


Thursday, July 24, 2008

rainy day!

wow... i love the internet connection today!!!
i can't believe it. i'm in my hostel room and my old rusty lappie can connect to the internet!!!!!
oh, pls continue to be like this then i think my hostel is the perfect hostel already! =D i'm no longer feel like in the jail! can't stop smiling =) ;) =D

oh btw, during holiday, i found my 1st few post which i posted in my 1st blog.
dah tiga tahun dahulu....
i think i write better last time than now. =/

anyway, untuk bacaan kalian =D

I love rainy day!

I love the smell of the rain especial when it is just starting to rain or drizzling. The fresh smell of raindrops just refreshes me. I smelt before many kinds of perfumes but none can compare to the smell of the raindrops. To me, the smell that comes out while the grass is being cut is almost as refreshing as the rain’s smell. However, it depends on what kind of grass, some grass stinks and the noise of the machine annoys me. No words I can use descript The Smell Of The Raindrops. I miss The Smell Of The Raindrops these days….

I love the sounds and rhythms of the rain. Tick tok tick tok…. It’s special and make me feel peaceful but not until the thunders roar. Different kinds of sounds are produced when the raindrops, fell on different object. It sounds like an orchestra. There variety of sounds and rhythms in every rain if you just listen carefully, maybe you too will enjoy it! It’s so unique, special…

I love to run and play in the rain even when I am seventeen going to be eighteen! It was just a few weeks ago, I ran in the rain. I was shopping happily in Mahkota Parade with my sister, maybe too happy. We did not realize it was raining until it was time to go back. We waited and waited but the rain did not stop. Finally, we decided to run in the rain. We ran in the rain about 100m before reaching the car. My unfaithful scandal broke on the way. I walked bare footed to the car. I have great fun even though I was drenched. The feeling of the raindrops touched your skin is so enjoyable. If there is a chance again, I’ll do it again and again and again….

It truly amazes me the way God pour down rain on this earth. The smell… the sound… and the touch of the rain actually reflect how creative God really is. God not only pour down rain to serve as it purpose, but he always created rain for US, yes you and me to enjoy and admire his beautiful creation! Your creation is so so beautiful…


the walk

Yesterday, i decided to take walk to Ikatan Kristian instead of the usual running/ taking the bus to the venue.

i realized i have been too busy to look at the beautiful sky + the birds freely flying around + the sound of my footsteps + the trees waving at me (figuratively, not literally! Fuh... taking Tingkah Laku Bilazim taught me not to simply say stuff =P) + breathe in slowly + take a look at the orangie sun + peek at students happily playing basketball and jogging + notice the ants crawling on the road + realized being Pak/Mak guard is the most boring work on earth + the path i used to take last semester had been fence up + the curve by the road which i love to balance it on (despite the danger of it!) + enjoy the excitement of crossing the big busy road in UPM + the deep big drain that i jump over almost everyday + stop and see my study place for the past 2 years.

how fast time flies.

i really do like UPM.

btw, i do have internet connection in my room right now.
pls pray it will continue to be very consistent

maybe one day, i should tell about my story with internet

have a good day =D


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

struck in library again!

it's raining owl and donkey!
i am struck in the library again.

wow, maybe it a good thing since i have nothing else to do beside updating my blog bit =D

this morning, i had class at 8am. And guess what, i woke up at 7.55am and i was still very determine to go to class (with my honey and darling roomate encouragement, of coz). i reached my class at 8.20am! not bad uh? The class was conducted by 2 foreign master students. For once, i was more responsive in class because i could use English =D it's a BIG thing to me since ALL my classes are taught in BM except for English class. (Macam secondary school kan?) Hopefully, there are more classes conducted in English =D

yesterday, i played basketball for almost 2 hours. for the 1st time in like 8 years, i played basketball again! My legs are arching! i realised i no longer have much energy as i used to have. plus i am no longer as competitive aka kiasu as i was in secondary school. weird eh? age is changing up? hahahah... anyway, i think playing sports help a lot to stay fresher (i think so coz i wasn't really sleepy till 4am) i had fun sweat it out =D

let me talk about my nice and cool faculty library! This library is really nice with good connection and air condition. The books & journals are updated and well organized. There are tons of stories book and magazine. I love reading reader digest and flip through fashion magazine. Can you believe education faculty subscribe to fashion mag! ya, cool right? everything is cool, ALMOST. This library have one stupid rule - BOOKS CANNOT BE BORROWED! Seriously, i would like to know another library that do not allow books to be borrowed. Plain stupid, i think.

oh ok, the owls and donkeys just left.
time to go back hostel to prepare for CG stuff.
pray for me ya! =D

i'll update another time,
maybe another rainy day =D


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i am a lot happier today! =)

are you? SMILE!


Saturday, June 07, 2008


have you feel like you can't breath?

just wanna sleep all day long?

wanna bath for two hours?

feel like gonna pengsan?

or maybe throw your hand phone into the sea?
*oh on a second thought, maybe just don't ring can already =)

just because you sent an email!
hahahaa... i bit too dramatic la but right now this is how i feel =P

i never thought sending an email can be this scary.
hopefully i can sleep tonight =)


Friday, June 06, 2008

dead for a moment.
will rise up again.
hopefully soon =P


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do you really mean it?

Do you really mean when you...

send sms and type HUGS and I MISS YOU?

said I will email you the pictures later?

compliment someone who is your opponent?

wish someone happy birthday through msn/sms/facebook?

promise to call back?

invite someone to come to you house?

said you wanna get to know another person better?

ask someone to go out to eat one day?

erm... do you really mean what you say?
i must say i'm guilty of it many times but i'm trying to really mean what i say.
let our yes be yes, and our no be no


Friday, May 02, 2008

2nd year going to 3rd year

yap, i will be 3rd year counseling student in less than 3 months time
time really flies like a jet plane
it was just like few days ago, i came to UPM
seriously, time flies. i could remember semester one quite vividly but others...i'm not too sure what i did la.

anyway, my 4th semester had been the most enjoyable and memorable semester for me so far
i saw God move in ways i never thought He would
this semesters i began to see a little bit more results and breakthrough =)
4th semester i did stuff that i didn't do before and wouldn't like to do again. hahahaha...

i confronted friends, friends who i cared.
Truth hurts but truth set you and me free =)
it's certainly not easy though i learned so much about confrontation through counseling classes. however, to put into real life, it was certainly not easy. anyway, i would confidently say it helps =D

friends got more passionate about God just encouraged me so much in my walk with God. i really believe that God strategically placed each friends in my life for a reason. i began to really believe that God's will is really detail. when He said He'll guide our footsteps, He really mean it.

i have the honor *ahem* to be the roommate to my roommate (btw, i called my roommate "roommate" and so does she) she impacted me much by sharing her life to me. many of my perspective was challenged and changed because of her night lectures =P

besides, i also realized that being open with others actually open up the door to be hurt easily by others. it was definitely an emo semester. i couldn't recount how many times i cried and prayed to sleep. right now, i couldn't recall every incident that i cried for but i do remember i cried very badly. when i was emo, i always felt like everyone around me were also emo =P i don't know how true is true. erm... anyone would like to do research about it?

getting ready to step into next semester is super scary for me. i have few very good and close friends who are graduating. Friends who encouraged when i was down, inspired when i felt hopeless, told the truth though we hated to hear, cried together just because we liked too, slapped my back to buck up, hug me when i need one, chatted till sunrise,hang out when we wanted to... you know who you are! YOU meant a lot to me =) you see beyond my age and lameness!

4th semester was full of surprises =D i mean really lots of surprises which i really treasure and appreciate lots

walking into 5th semester is super scary. i'm not sure what lies ahead but continue to trust God that He will take care of me each day =) looking forward to have another semester of adventure with God =D

God is good for i have tasted His goodness =)


Monday, March 24, 2008

What a weak!

What a weak!
Oh i mean week.

Here am i, wasting myself watching Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Finally, i got sometime to waste. hehhee...

The week after election, not only our country went to don'tknowhwatishappening kinda stage so do i.

from sending more than 100 smses per day to sleeping at 6.30am.

it was crazy, frustrating, disappointing, and all the negative stuff is coming out of me!!!!

i miss my adventures, hang out, sleepover, jogging, and of coz wasting time!

i'm really glad it's almost over. i just need to do a power point presentation and i am done with assignment!

I need my adventures and day out!!!
Can't wait for it! hehehee.... more interesting post up =D

I used to joke about the short my hair is the most stress i am.
but lately, i find it very true la... My yearn for a hair cut increase when i am stress. Weird but quite true eh! =D

Can't wait to go out and have fun!

till then, have a nice day =D


Saturday, March 15, 2008


when i started my sem in December, i was super semangat to make my life right!
er... not that i was wrong all this while la

just that i want to eat, sleep, exercise right!
live a healthy life =)
i was so semangat that i decorated my room and write down my aims!

but so far i have FAILED badly! hahaha...

how can i eat right when...
the chocolate, ice creams, and yogurt are starring at me
the India spicy food stall aunty is waiting for me
my food container is always full of cereal, chips more, chocolate drink, sweets...
i don't have time to buy healthy food. so many assignments to finish on time!

how can i sleep right when...
i have such an awesome roommate to chat with
tons of assignments to do
i have to attend meeting till late at night!
i get hungry late at night

the worst is how can i exercise right when ....
(ps : i have no idea why i always can't spell exercise correctly!? maybe 'it' don't like me! hahaha...)

anyway, one of my aim for this sem is to be able to jog 1km!
i'm not even half way! nvm, hopefully during exam periold i'll more rajin to jog!
arg! to live right is definitely not easy =/

even right now, i am trying to sleep but i'm owl eh!
i slept at 8pm and woke up 12am to have a bath and eat Korean noddles and here i am still waiting to fall asleep!


Sunday, February 17, 2008


it is okay to fail for it prove that i am still a human


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams
-Dr Seuss-

Can you sleep last lately? hehehe...


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

speed typing =)

64 words

Touch Typing online

currently, this is my hobby =)
*check out my bro!* -________-''
practice make perfect =D
test for yourself and let me know how your did?


Monday, February 04, 2008


This is how i spend my 2 days of my holiday!
This is surely the most time consuming post, ever will i post!
Editing pictures is addictive!
I want to learn more about editing!!

Yes, i love adventures.
Even sitting KTM can be an super exciting adventure!
Pls let me know if there is any nice place around KL & MLK to discover!

Blown away
Literally, i was being blown away.
I couldn't stand still!

er... not me!
The ones beside me. tsk tsk..

Ar... the one beside me too =)

Enough is enough!
i ate 3 bowls of cenduls on that day!

Flying high


Hair band!
I can't wear hair band more than 10min!
Professional help needed =/

In Love?

i love my jagged hair =D

Kopi Soh
*no comment, don't comment!*


More food pls!
food vacuum i am =)

Nice hair day!
Owlie Owl
look alike?

Patene Commercial!

Queens and King
not too hard to imagine, right?


Shortie =P
never felt shorter than this

the 12 years old me =D




Xtra freaking cold

yummy yummilicious!

zip up! zoom off!

which is your favorite uh?


Sunday, February 03, 2008

the super duper long speech!

i can foresee it would be a super duper long speech since i got tons of super duper nice friends to thank =)

i used to write tons of thank you cards to tons of friends
lately, i would love to save the trees so i decided to blog about it
if sms, it would be deleted in few days time
if email, it might be deleted and long forgotten
Hence, blog is the best! It would be deleted and can read back anytime.

Year 2007 had been awesome and filled with surprises!
I grew(i think!) and experienced so much that i could ever imagine
many dreams and wishes came through in Year 2007
of coz, all this couldn't be possible without yummy lovey friends around

ahem... let's start my THANK YOU list

Thank you to Anna the banana - the meow meow - the ugly kiss
TQ for sending random + wu liao + super long + emo emo + funny smses, it just brighten my day! TQ for not always siding with me and telling me the truth. True friend tell the truth in love, Amen! TQ for not only blog but also read tons of blogs to make our conversations funnier! =P TQ for being my KL tour directory! TQ for telling me how many clothes & shoes you brought for I feel much better about myself after that. *evil laugh* TQ for letting me to crash your room and use your stuff =) Thank you many, many more stuff. Un-type-ble!

Thank you to Jie Min the ah min - aminah - the sampat po =P
TQ for trying super duper hard to listen to my late night talks though you still fell asleep. i know you tried super hard. Your hard word is much appreciated! TQ for throwing to me your super blur and confusing questions which make me think, pray, think... It challenge me to seek God even more. TQ for not worrying for me although I always send super emo emo smses. TQ for all the awesome adventures together! Life is to short to miss out any of the adventures! Oh ya, not forgetting your hugs. Truly, luvin it! This is just a tiny bit of what I can thank you =D

Thank you to Wan Ling the lemon - the cg leader - the small and cute
You were the 1st person I knew from UPM. The day before I entered UPM, Anna told me about you. Seriously, I was so comforted. Through you, I know that God has a very detailed plan for you, me and everyone. God placed you at K6 and the stuff that you went through is for a reason. I can't imagine if you didn't stay in K6. TQ for bringing to IK UPM and FGA KL. TQ for being a super kind CG leader. Of coz, TQ for being a friend who I can find when I am super duper emo. TQ for being a great sister to me, always taking care of me. TQ for noticing I seldom eat junk food. TQ for offering to take me on the bike when I was super sad and speechless. TQ for sharing out your hearts to know though I just know you for a short while. TQ for spending time chatting with me. TQ for showing raining down God's love =) Before you graduate, I'm going to put you in bottle and bring you with me. Luving you lots!

Thank you to Hwei Sue the SueSue - the mother-in-law's attractor - the super kind
You are the 1st person (and still is) I knew who is super kind and low profile. The thousands little act of yours is very much love. TQ for trying super hard to answer my super confusing questions. TQ for still loving me though at first you weren't comfortable with the way i speak. TQ being such an adventurous (fear no sun nor rain but God) and a must-try person! I love going out with you. Can't wait for more adventures! TQ for caring so much for us though you always say no la... TQ for being such a mother to me. You impacted my life with your simplicity!

Ar... if i continue being so ah ma, i don't think i can finish in a year. I shall limit it to 3 sentences per person. =)

Pin Yuen, you are such an awesome course mate and friend. You thought to me stay clam despite what is happening. TQ for the pen at the right time and your emo emo msg.

Joyce Yip, TQ taking care of me when i was sick and disappointed. TQ for sharing your feelings, thoughts and secrets to me for you make me feel special. TQ for encouraging me in you very own special and cute way.

Joy Lee, TQ for rajin-ly fetched me to UPM. By hearing you serving faithfully in Acts really do encourage me in my walk with Christ. TQ for arty stuff and nicey notes.

Yune Yee, TQ for patiently and rajin-ly taking pictures whenever, wherever! Looking forward to much more adventures to come. MPO the next one! TQ for always layan-ing and sayang me =)

Siow Yee, you are such a sweet girl. TQ for making a stand for Christ. I'm really proud of you.

Yee Min, TQ for never fails to notice me and telling me you miss me whenever I didn't go FGA. Just by you going to FGA every week, truly encourages me. Btw, you are such a drama queen and i like your ikat-ikat pants. hehee...

Ps Les, thank you for still msn-ing and calling me though you went to a far away land, Rawang! Hehehe... TQ for entertaining me with your random msn.

Esther Khor, your smiles never fails to cheer me up =) Smile for Jesus!

Yee Ling, TQ for being such an awesome CG leader. Although you still look super scary to me, i know you are super duper loving =) TQ for offering to sent me back to KC though I still was so stubborn insisting to walk back in the rain.

Joseph & Eunice, TQ for always being there for me. Although I can be very nonsense+ stubborn + crappy, you still care for me. TQ for you many calls even when I sms for fun. TQ for opening up your house for me to run away from UPM =D

Su Lyn, Dong. Though you were the MTM and super top scorer, you are still super duper approachable, friendly and nice.

Su Lin the sunshine. TQ for ajak-ing me to KL Pac at the right time. I was super sad at that point of time and you not only made my day special but I'm glad to have kaki jalan friend like you!

Amelia, TQ for bringing me out for dinner during my 1st semester. =) It made a lot of difference

Joseph Raj fr CLA, TQ for never fails to say HI to me whenever i goes back to Malacca. I can see that i taught you well in sunday school. hehehe..

Eugene, your craziness make the magic church bus a more gempak place =)

Hendra, TQ for being crappier than me =)

Weng Yan, TQ for still remember to your promise to bring me oversea when i am thin enough to fit inside your suitcase =P

Eunice Teoh, TQ for your trademark smile. TQ for sitting with me when I was alone in CLA

Amy Yong the scandalous friend, TQ for loving me despite my bad mood.

Aunty Maggie, loving the way you are. TQ for your encouragement and preaching. You are my fave speaker! My fave quote from you, "Your As, your Cs are the same. The same in the eyes of God!" TQ for being the pastor's wife instead of lawyer or doctor =D

Joshua Thean, TQ for being the ex IK president. TQ for sending here and there esp to satay kajang =) TQ for have the impression that I am tall though I am not so. hehehe...

Timothy the faithful van driver, TQ for patiently and faithfully sending UPMers for prayer meeting though i always give complicated instructions. You are very much appreciated.

Kiat Ru, you are truly one of a kind. Though we talked only once two years ago, i miss you dearly. You encourage me so much more than you think. Loving the way your love God.

Kai Shuen and Badri, TQ for helping out in a millions simple ways.

Grace Chiew, TQ for being my friend =)

Lyn, Jenny, Esther, Laura, and all those who i met in NZ, TQ for making my trip there memorable =)

Zhi Hui, you are such an encourager. TQ =D

Wei Xin, Florence Lee, Peter and other who rajinly sent me here and there.

Michelle Chee, your laughter never fails.

Uncle Lee and Uncle Ivan, TQ for always semangat-ly asked "How are you" and wishing "God Bless You" =)

Sunnie and Su Lian, TQ for your hugs though we just knew each other.

Jasmine, loving the way you are.

BLHC, TQ for faithfully comment in my blog. If i ever will give away the most faithful commenter award, without any doubt, it would be you. You taught me not judge a person by it's cover

Adrienne, TQ for being a living testimony. TQ for leaning on to Christ for I am more convince God is truly really ALIVE. TQ for your HI and I MISS YOU sms =)

Carene, TQ for being such a super duper encouraging sister. Though you are far away, you still ask how is my shopping? hehe...

Jia Ying, TQ for replying my sms for i know you are still ALIVE =D

Eileen Tai, TQ for helping to halau the katak!

Tze Yuen, TQ for reading my blog for it increase my blog traffic =D

to all my friends who i met through FESPIC espcially Ya Hsuan, Tze Hui, and Jung Chul who still keep in touch with me. TQ for all your gifts that flew all the way to my home. TQ for email and msn me despite your busy schedule. Looking forward to meet you all again =)

to all the kids in CLA, TQ for always making me feel welcome whenever i go back to CLA though i always kena bully.

to all who always super rajin to chat with me online. TQ for chatting with me though i can be super nonsense + crappy + mengkeksimkan. TQ for pouring out your hearts even though you don't know me well.

Aunty who sweeps my hostel, you always make sure the toilets are clean for me to use. TQ!

Aunty who sells tau fu hua at old flats, you make the best tau fu hua! Though you think I am stupid to study counseling, i still like your tau fu hua. I pray that you will know God one day.

The lady who sells super nice handmade polymer accessories in Mt Kiara, you made me feel life is wonderful. Full of love and care for another!

TQ to all the visible and invisible readers for you patience.
Do drop a comment and make me smile =)

anyone i left out?
sorry, pls don't be merajuk if I terlupa to write your name.
Just let me know. Hehehe... =)


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