Wednesday, November 19, 2008

play in the rain!

When I was five years old, mum didn't let me to play in the rain.
The reason given was I would fall sick easily!
Reason accepted =)

When I was about 10 years old, mum asked me to play in the rain!
O.o? Yes, she asked sis, Jien and me to play in the rain.
Then, mum kinda had to teach us to play in the rain.
Super jakun-ed and deprived of childhood kids!

When I was about 15 years old, I didn't have time to play in the rain!
I studied like crazy since I didn't study much before that.
Kantoi =/

Now that I am 20 years old, *YES I'm still officially 20 =) *
I still love to play in the rain.

Today, it was raining elephants and owls!
Wohooo... good time to play in the rain =D
"ma, I'm going out to play in the rain with Jien ok?"
"sweating cannot! wait, get sick"

after awhile, we were not so sweaty.
"ma, can we sit swing and play in the rain?"
"what? big buffaloes still want to play in the rain? you want to be the big new in our taman?!?!?"

after a few moments,
"erm... you can play behind the house."


cis... by then, it wasn't raining elephants and owls already =/ but raining rats and frogs

I want to recruit people to join the play in the rain club. Public uni, UPSR and PMR students are super free now plus SPM students will be super duper free very soon! No reason not to play in the rain =D
The next time Malacca rains elephants and owls, can come my house!!! ;)
Oh maybe, we should have it in someone else's house since we only could play behind my house.
But then, by the time I find and drive to the someone else's house, the rain most probably dah berhenti!

Booooooo.... Play in the rain!

If you never try it, just do it!
If you don't to it now, then when?

It's really, really FUN =)

Bak kata pepatah Dr. Suess *fuh! SPM mood =) *
If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.

Let's play =)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am back in Melaka =)
I have been back in Melaka for about 42 hours.

And I have accumulated at least 16 mozzies bites!
Not one, not two, not three, not ten but SIXTEEN!!!

Today, I woke up in the afternoon with mozzie bites all over me!
Suddenly, I feel Melaka is like a big jungle or at least my taman or maybe it's my home only.

I think it's a need for me to wear track suit from head to toe all the time and put on mosquito repellent on every inch of my skin and fix mosquito netting on every window and I should always hold an electric badminton mosquito racket with me to be on guard!

Fuh! If this continues, I could foresee my holiday will be super duper busy whacking mosquitosssss!
 Maybe I should just be sacrifice my blood to keep the mozzies alive and I won't be busy whacking mozzies!
Win-win situation uh?

On the more positive side, I feel the love all over me.
I could literally see Malaccan mozzies simply miss me a lot or my blood is the sweetest of all!

Always positve kan?

Have a gempak week! =)


Wednesday, November 05, 2008




no more assignments, exams, studying, and... bla bla bla for the next few weeks!

I'm glad 5th semester is finally over! =D =D =D =D

Though my blog suddenly become so gaya, I won't be updating for the next one week =)
Because I will be BUSY! hehehe...

Happy Holiday to all the Uni students
All the best to ALL SPM students
especially to my dear brother =)


Sunday, November 02, 2008

no la... to thank you

He changed
giving her small compliments at breakfast such as:
"I lilke the way your hair looks" or
"Nice dress."

She wondered
"What is he doing?"
But she also knew she liked his words.

So as the days continued
she responded
and acts of kindness became more common.

He changed
she changed
They changed
And it was for the better

-Gladding, 1996-

 Why is it so hard to say or write nice nice stuff to people that we care for?
Why do we, Malaysians like to say "no la..." when someone compliments us?
 Why, oh why?
  Is part of being "sopan santun"?

It's time to learn to say nice stuff and thank you eh =)


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Welcome! =D

*Air stewardess' gentle voice*
Welcome to Desperate Witty Owl's stories =)
May you have a pleasant journey time reading

or maybe

*Willy Wonka's witty voice*
Welcome!!! Welcome!!!
Welcome to the most amazing blog of all!
Welcome to Desperate Witty Owl's blog =)

Yes, welcome! =D

If you haven't noticed any difference about my blog,
you must be blind or
you never read my blog before *tsk tsk* or
you are using Google Reader/ iGoogle/ Feed/ other programs for lazy busy people to read blogs!!

If you are still are Roogle Reader/ iGoogle/ Feed/ other programs,
jemput ke or CLICK HERE immediately!

aha... Thank you for your kerjasama =)

While I was busy studying for finals, Sue Fin aka my blog manager was busy designing the new blogskin.
*standing ovation* *pheewit* *wohoooo*
I don't know anything about htmlandalltheohsocomplicatedstuff
The new blogskin is nice kan? =)

Let me introduce to you the new gaya stuff in my blog =)

On your top left, you can see Home - About Me - Links - Subscribe
Click Home and you reach the main page faster than the jet plane =)
Click About Me and there you will read bout stuff I like =)
In Links pula are blogs and websites I read. If you know me and I know you yet I have not link your blog, please do tell me. Don't emo emo alone okay =)
Subscribe! If you have Google Reader/ iGoogle/ Feed/ other program for busy people to read blogs, subscribe to DWO! Erm... maybe you don't like the word subscribe, you can also click the subscriber’s icon on you right panel. No excuse =)

Aha, moving on to the panel on your right.
On the right panel,
you can click to subscribe my blog again if you like to,
view my normal not-so-gaya blogger profile,
view my Facebook or Friendster and of coz,
the link to my other blog - With A Thankful Heart.

Oh ya, if you would like to blog in With A Thankful Heart, just tell me or Anna.
We will need to interview you for two hours and evaluate the interview for two weeks and pray and fast about you for two months and make you our nanny for two years and ask you to list out 2000 stuff you are thankful for and then only invite you in =)

Scroll down a bit more, you can see the cbox!
Chat through the cbox to memeriahkan and mengempakan the suasana =)

Next, it's the 5 latest comments in DWO.
Hopefully, this will encourage YOU to comment more and make me flip my wings happy =)

Last but not least, it's Archives.
Under Archives, you can read my old-old ancient post if you are super free but I suggest you not to =)
The past is gone, the future is uncertain, so what's important is the "Here and Now" =D

Oh by the way, it is best if you use Mozilla Firefox to read DWO's stories
If you are using other browser, it might not be as nice as in Mozilla Firefox.
But if you are using other browser and it looks super cacat, please do let me know.

Plus, if you can't comment, can't chat, can't read the post or anything that you think is cacat about this blog, please let me know as soon as possible.
I will alert my manager about it as soon as possible.

That's all for now!
I should be studying hard by now.

Have an awesome week



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