Friday, June 24, 2011

Then and now.

It has been more than a year since i last blogged.

Then i was a student who went in class late most of the time;
now i'm a teacher who goes in class on time most of the time.

Then i was a student who kiasuly did her assignments all the time;
now i have a bunch of students who refuse to do their homework.

Then i thought the lectures were super boring;
now my students think my class is boring -.-

Then i went for movies whenever i wanted;
now the cinema is in far away land.

Then i walked to class even though it took me 15 min;
now i drive to school even though i could just take a 5 min walk.

Then i used to take tons of jumping shots;
now i just want to shoot down students (sometimes ;P )

Then my mum said my driving was crazy;
now the students drive me nuts.

Then i used to spend me time in Midvalley (MV);
now i hang out in Queensbay (QB).

Then i jogged at bukit expo;
now i hike at bukit Jambul.

Then i attended FSCC;
now i attend EPCC (Excel Point Community Centre).

Then i tapau-ed food everyday;
now i cooked almost everyday. *bangga*

Then i was counselled;
now i do counseling.

Then i wore pants on weekday and skirts on weekends;
now it's the other was round.

Then i had ton of midnight walk and talks;
now i have tons of midnight meditating. (hah!)

Then i carried counseling book everywhere;
now i carry and read Sejarah Tingkatan 1.

Then i spoke English most of the time;
now i speak super cacated Mandarin most of the time.

but some things never change,

Then i slept late;
now i sleep late as well :)

and God is still super duper AWESOME and faithful :) :) :)


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