Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my raya holiday plan

my super sad raya holiday plan

18/9 friday
group counseling reports and reflection

19/9 saturday
5 pages for personelia assignment

20/9 sunday
habiskan personelia assignment

21/9 monday
finish up preparation for parenting workshop

22/9 tuesday
read up for research method and marketing test 2

23/9 wednesday
same as tuesday

24/9 thurseday
same as wednesday

25/9 friday
same as thurseday

26/9 saturday
same as friday

27/9 sunday
pack stuff balik UPM

So far, i did

18/9 friday
group counseling reports and reflection *done!* scribble with pencil here and there till 4am -.-''

19/9 saturday
5 pages for personelia assignment *postponed* super pening, tired, droozy owl visited grandma

20/9 sunday
habiskan personelia assignment *sick* brain not functioning well. slept, ate and shopped because it's heals fun.

21/9 monday
finish up preparation for parenting workshop did personelia assignment in one day with tons of food and 3 or more spoons of manukan honey! my assignment standard jatuh mendadak -.-'' bah! i don't care anymore. i did!

so far my holiday has been more fun than i thought.
another 6 days to go before i'm back to my crazy lifestyle in UPM


Sunday, September 13, 2009

in my mind

mozzies really love like me. arrrrrrrg! i am not doing well in my assignments. what the heck i get frustrated with my test one organizational behavior marks and didn't bother to check it out before test 2 because if i would, i would be super semangat to study for test two and realized that test one lect has not mark the essay. silly me. i still like reading blogs a lot. i don't like doing research stuff. how am i going to take masters then. oh crap, i doesn't seems to do welll in this semester. but then, God has been full of surprises *secret* this afternoon, i counted my cgpa. if i would get 4 flat without falling flat for my last two semester, i would graduate with a 1st class. if not, i need to have get at least 3.801 for the next two semester to graduate with 1st class. arrrrrg! is it possible? is 1st class that important? bah... seriously it's not but it's nice to have it. oh la la... i can't wait to go back to raya to do my assignments at home -.-'' yes, i'm super no life. weekend is all about completing assignments. how sad wei! tomorrow is week 10, time flies freaking fast and i can't chase it. i still got tons of assignments that i feel i'm drowning into it but then in my weakness, He'll be my strength. Amen? seriously, mozzies and bugs loves me a lot. seriously! i realized i still like to read blogs especially super old post and i realized i super like my long hair though it can be super stubborn like me. i should be reading about my Wednesday presentation already! =) have a super duper funny week!

oh ya, i miss d'lish 50% off cupcake =P


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