Thursday, December 13, 2007



When I was 3-5 years old, I didn't like to sleep at night (I still don't btw).
My dad had a difficult time with me.
The only  time I would sleep easily it was on raining day!
It not that I loved raining day but it was...
because my naughty dad would said,
"You don't want to sleep? The frog is finding you. Hear, the frog croaks?"
*nod my head*
"the frog is calling your name eeerrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn eeerrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn!"
(hey, rmb to try hearing it! it really do sound like my nameeee...)
In few seconds, I would be asleep!
I though if I couldn't hear the frog, then it was not there.
hehehe... clever of me, but my dad is the cleverest! =D
I grew up hating frogs!

The 1st day standard 4, I tried to wear my school shoes.
It was too tight. Thus, I looked into the shoes and saw something in it.
I thought it was the crumple paper that was stuffed inside.
So I put my hand in it and take it out.
Lo and behold, IT WAS A FROG!
(or a kotok? but anyway it doesn't matter, it's ugly creatures like that! )

I was super duper terrified!
Quickly, I used all the brush I could find in the house to brush my hand!
I think I used dynamo to wash it! 
And if I don't remember wrongly, I even use clorox!
I wanted a new skin!!!
Then the next day, I knocked and threw the shoes a few times (to be very sure)!
However, I still couldn't wear the shoes.
So again, I put my hand in to take it out whatever it was inside.

As if the frog has no where else to sit beside MY shoes!
After that, I washed my hand just like I did the day before.
When I reached school, I still couldn't stand I held frog on my palm TWICE!!!
So I took the blade and scrapped my palm!
ish... I was that disgusted!
(that's why now, I prefer open-toe shoes =)

Few weeks ago, I came home for semester break.
The first few things mum told me,
"Ern, last week 2 frogs went into your room."
I was still super selamba about it since I didn't see the frogs =P

The week I came back, the frog came into the kitchen a few times.
My super brave mum halau-ed it away. Hence, I was still okay with it.

Then came one night, Eileen (sis's fren) came and stayed in our house.
I was surfing blogs as usual. 
I was spinning around with the computer chair and almost lost my balance
(cause one of the leg broke. Skills needed to sit on the chair =P And to kill your curiosity, yes I was the one who broke the chair) 
And as I was trying to get back my balance, I saw a frog looking at me!!!!
I yelled for help for sis and Eileen! 
Later, Jien joined the troupe to evacuate the frog.
A midnight drama!

Then today, I was searching for my skull purse in my tons of boxes.
At the corner of the cupboard, I saw a fluffy black thing like a ball of dust.
I wanted to hold it with my hand to throw it away.
Before I could touched it, the stuff opened it's eye!

I'm sure you know what it is!

Ewwwwww... I'm utterly disgusted! 

Of all places, why the frog want to come in my house?
To be more precise, around me!??!?!?!
Frog, frog go away!!!!!!
Go to Bryan's house, it's not far away! I'm sure Bryan and James will love you =)

Never try to scare me with a frog, to avoid being deaf =)
Don't tell me I didn't warn you


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

life is weird

Dad was about to kill all the ants around, and said

"my course mate's eldest son just passed away after going for interview for police"

I was like -____________-''
Why can people passed away just like that?
Life is fragile.

I once said, "Want to die also not easy! Someone jumped down from 13th floor but save by clothes hangers"
Life is weird.

PS : If ever you want to present my sis a pet, ant eater will be her fave =D 


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I don't understand why...

This is what my friends say I am in facebook!
It make me look like so most churchy person around!


I don't understand why 
I like 'Hey' rather than 'hi' though it's shorter to type

I don't understand why
God made man to need to sleep though He can make man not to

I don't understand why
1kg of chocolate can turn into 5kg of extra fats

I don't understand why
I used to hate sushi yet now I'm loving it

I don't understand why
some politician speak like kids throwing tantrum though they should and are the role models

I don't understand why
some prayers are not answered though i prayed really hard

I don't understand why
we human use a small percentage of our brain when God gave us such a big one

I don't understand why
models want to be stick-thin though it is ugly

I don't understand why
I find it so hard to sleep at night though I like to sleep

I don't understand why
I find some guys hot yet others not

I don't understand why
I love to eat yet I'm lazy to cook complicated meals

I don't understand why
it is harder to cry when i get older

I don't understand why
I look like english school girl yet I never been to one

I don't understand why
life is hard to live yet giving birth is a happy moment

I don't understand why
truth hurts yet set us free

I don't understand why
I am stubborn though I know I am wrong

I don't understand why
I grow up so fast in such a short time

I don't understand why
a mother can kill her daughter when she should love her

I don't understand why
I find owl such a cutie

I don't understand why
the sun never stop shinning and the earth never stop spinning

I don't understand why
bad things happen to good people

I don't understand why
it is illegal to wear jeans to UPM

I don't understand why
I like to eat ice-cream and chocolate though it fattening

I don't understand why
I still could remember the guy who stole my chipsmore during kindergarten

I don't understand why
I want to have lots of shoes when I only have a pair of feet

I don't understand why
water taste horrible though I need it

I don't understand why
the sky is blue

I don't understand why
UPM has to start semester on 23rd December

I don't understand why
my holidays flies

I don't understand why
I like to ask so many WHY question

I don't understand why
you are still reading my blog


Monday, December 10, 2007

Things i did this holiday

Things I did this holiday

I registered facebook
and got addicted to LOST!
*for the non-facebooker info, it a trivia in facebook*
Each correct question is 10 points
and I got 15540, currently
During my spm years, I never been so hard working answering
objectives questions -.-''
but loot at the person with highest score, 47900!!!
Can I catch up?
He is lesser God.
I wonder what name is the next level?
More then god?

These days, I spend less hours blog reading
but doesn't mean I read less blog 
because I also registered Google Reader
Very cool!
It helped me to keep update with blogs that I read

and I categorize blogs under
craft and illustration
half friends
nothing better to do
super star blogger =)
wonder your blog under what category?

I cleaned up my room half way

and also I design a bus schedule for UPM-ers to FGA

and I had movie marathon
"1 liter of tears"
jap drama, very emo =)

and finally, i too effort to arrange my picture!
ps : for those who have pictures of me, 
pls email to me. 
Please =D

nothing much!

I still have hundred and one stuff to do before Uni reopen 
design details form, buy note books, make bday card, prepare for cg materials, attendance sheets, duty sheets, buy christians book to read, 
meet up with lost touch friends, buy shoes, find nice papers, format laptop, pack stuff to UPM, build up my stamina buy food for UPM, 
plan cg activities, wash toilets, email to long lost friends,  window shop at Melaka raya, find more instant healthy food, find practical crafts to do, and...
yet I'm always wasting time
like right now!


Saturday, December 08, 2007

my fave in NZ

This is what I did last holiday! 

my fave dish in NZ =)
korean food
the portion was super duper a lot
 plus the 4 side is refillable!

my fave fruit in NZ
golden kiwi
*btw, now golden kiwi is also available in Tesco*
yum... how to not put on weight in NZ!?!?!?

my fave junk food in NZ =D
enough of food, now about shops

the shop where I got all my goodies =)
Tip Top
like Malaysia sundry shop la...
but got more goodies =)

iko iko
my fave shop
but didn't buy anything from there =/
iko iko sells lots cute & arty stuff

Valley girl
Australia version of Padini

my fave musuem
coz got lots place to post for a pic =D

my fave bus stop 

got owl!!!

my fave pin =)

my fave coin
It was a 10cent coin then put into a machine to flatten it as souvenir
at Wellington's Zoo

fave sign board
cute till can die =P

took more sign board pic rather than animals =)

my fave animal in NZ

Meerkats live in large groups and each member has a different role
one of the group is always on look out duty
Meerkats are super duper cute but not cuter than owls
One of the groups would stand of the highest land to jaga like guard =)

road to sista ex-room

way back to sis ex-room
like in enchanted! =)
*oh btw, go watch enchanted!!! Very nice*

fave pic in NZ

cutest girl I ever met

tinker bell and wonder woman
one of the week, the sunday school had "superhero day"
all the kids and teachers dressed up in their superhero
cool uh?

the picture that most don't look like me


Friday, November 30, 2007

I don't want to blog!
I lost my ability to blog!
I don't feel like blogging!
I don't know what to blog!

i *like* facebook =)


Monday, November 26, 2007

Sista is coming back!

Yes, Sue Fin is coming back!!!

Sue Fin, my one and only sister!
After 1 year and 10 months, she will be in town in 6 hours time =D

It must be weird to
have 3 people at the car back seat again and make the car smaller =)
share our comfy double bed again
remember to take 5 plates for dinner again
wait for her to church again
have a big sister watching over me again...

anyway, it's a good kinda weird cause I can wear her clothes again!!!!!!!!

my sis rockz =)


Saturday, November 24, 2007

run with an aim

how to exercise with chocolate in my mouth?

to stay fit or fat is my choice!

hopefully next year, I can be fit enough!

hopefully, my love for adventure can drive me to run the extra mile =D
*fingers cross*


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I should be...

i should be studying now instead i read blogs!

and now, i am blogging! 

Help me!

Oh ya, I will really study after this.

I discovered this blog -
It is really nice =) AWESOME!

but don't see click it if you have exam like me!
Warning to all esp girls, don't say I didn't warn you
Don't try to test your resistance to temptation.
Don't, don't trick yourself like me! =P


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sky swing!

Oh ya, this is a very out-dated post
tak habis-habis about New Zealand
but anyway...
this is sky swing

I sat it with sis!
thank God for sister. if i was alone, sure tak jadi sit =P
For me, it was more scary than bungee jump!
Bungee jump the instructor pushed me down the cliff
sky swing have to pull a string to release the swing!!!
Before the swing can swing,
it will be pull up the sky
It was so high!
And imagine, 90 degree from the land!!
So insecure! So high!
When I am scared, I kept quiet.
When sis is scared, she talked non stop
To release the swing, one of us had to pull the string
Of cause, sis pulled it la
I was and still won't dare to do it!
Salute, sis
And sky swing will swing off the hill to see the scenery
Oh ya, i still could admire the scenery despite the kaki lembik =P
Pendek kata, sky swing is like a giant swing on the hill top =)
lately, i kinda miss the adrenaline rushed i had!
then, i discovered G-Force
G-Force is an anti gravity kinda swing
which is the opposite of sky swing

it's in Kuala Lumper
RM 50
quite cheap! compare to NZ.

maybe I will go do it for my 20th birthday =)
anyone wanna interested?


reasons I cut hair

Since I cut my hair short,

"Hey, you cut your hair!"
is the most famous statement I hear

followed by,

"why do you cut your hair?"

sometimes it's very irritating to hear the statement over and over again!!
duh! I know, i's so obvious I cut my hair then need to ask somemore.
sometimes it's funny =D

since I'm very nice person, no matter what I felt
I laaaaaaayan sahaja =)

this is my top 3 answers

if i keep long hair, nobody would ask me,"hey, keeping long hair?"
instead, if i cut my hair short, even people who didn't know my name come and ask me, "hey, you cut your hair?"
Pendek kata, cut hair attract attention =P

my pillow got burned when I was asleep
apparently, quite a number of friends was really concerned about what happen to my house
-.-''' it's either my acting was super duper good or my friends are really good concern people =)

daddy ter-mow my hair with lawn mower.

Okay, I ran out of answers.
Anymore suggestions? =)


Saturday, October 20, 2007

raya break =)

During raya break, i did...
i cut my hair short =)
after 2 years of long straight hair, my hair need a break
i went shopping!
Though UPM is near KL, i seldom go KL to shop =(

i went for Profesional Of Tomorrow camp =D in Peacehaven

teachers' of tomorrow

the POTsss
no longer mangkuk, upgrade to POT
Student Of Today, Professional Of Tomorrow! *SOT POT*
it's really a SOT camp including the organizer. seriously!
5 days camp! it's the longest camp i ever went in my entire life
the friends, games, message, workshops were uber duper super cool!
truly, i'm very encouraged by this camp.
hopefully, i have more time and picture to blog about it =)
i fell down from bike -.-''
a 9 yrs old kid saved me and bro -_________________-''

i ate till i stomach ache again 
4 bowls of mummy's laksa =)
laksa makes me very happy girl =D
i ate tons of fruits and veggie
yum yum... after a month of oily outside food, fresh food taste awesome

i indulged myself with chocolates & ice cream =)
choco fish, kisses, calbury, nudgets..

i didn't eat any malay food ='(
This year, I spend my raya in Peacehaven
Last year, I went to to Pak Lah during Raya 
hopefully, my lovely course mate bring serunding for me =)
i gain weight =.=''
time to get healthy and fit =D


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

tired of eating?

lately, eating has been burden to me

i'm constantly hungry
every 2 hours, i need to hunt for food
Arg! i need to until i doon't know what to eat
i  eat coz i need to eat, not i like to eat
i need to eat non stop
i felt very keksim and unhealthy!!!

today, i decided to eat healthy

spaghetti + sardine + tomato sauce
oil-less misua
one dragon fruit
half apple
2 slices of pineapple
1 cup of mango yogurt
1 cup of cincao
1 pack of tau fu hua

I felt super duper healthy thinking about it

not until i remember,
i ate Hershey choco with dragon fruit & tiramisu ice cream with banana & a dozen of almond London


i think i'll never get tired of eating, or at least dessert =D 

and to look at the bright side, it's great that i still can eat!! =)


Monday, October 08, 2007

SRJK (c)

recently, my 2 course mates and i went to a SRJK (C) to conduct 

group guidance as our assignment

I couldn't help but to feel helpless and reluctant

yes, though i spent 6 years in SRJK (C), 
i didn't feel proud nor accepted in the school
the super heavy school bag wasn't my heaviest burden
the weekly spelling for BC, BM and BI was killing me
the mountain of homework was drowning me
the crazily fierce teachers were insane to me

until today, I'm still amaze that i survive =)
the most disappointing and frustrated schooling years were when I was in SRJK (C)

Hence, when I knew that I was going to conduct group guidance in SRJK (C), 
I was scared
To face my past again, it was definitely freaky

To know that, the SRJK (C) students these days endured much more than I did,
bring me to my knees to pray
I felt desperately helpless, very.

I realised the way I view SRJK (C) influenced my life
Nowadays, I speak more English than Chinese language though my 1st language and mother tongue is Chinese language. Weird eh? 
Therefore, I have more English speaking friends who studied in missionary schools & SK than Chinese speaking friend who studied in SRJK (C)

The way I dress and look somehow is influenced by my viewpoint towards SRJK (C), 
at least that's what I think la. hahahahaha...

However, SRJK (C) wasn't all bad to me.
If it wasn't for the "nilai kerajinan" that was instilled during SRJK (C) years, I most likely would fail in SPM =P
If it wasn't for my super nice yet firm math teacher, I most likely still don't know to count =P
and I am glad I still could speak Chinese language although it's very broken and out of tune

For some, I am a disgrace to my SRJK (C) but did I fail my SRJK (C) or the other way round?
Or should I say in this situation,
there is no right or wrong
there is no must or mustn't
there is no should or shouldn't =)


Sunday, October 07, 2007


time flies like jet plane.
flying here and there to finish up work!

thank God, i'm back home.
finally =)

blogging is a burden to me these days.
just don't feel like blogging!!!
i salute bloggers who blogs day and night

yes, bloggers blog more!!!
i love to read blogs
so blog more =)


Monday, September 17, 2007

if u consider this an update..

i don't know how to blog this days...


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Those were the days...

You know when you are no longer a TEEN, when...

from an owl to an early bird
a year is not a long time
you start to think & plan for your future
cousins and friends getting married
MSN is a waste of time you miss the icq days =)
life is more than studying & result
90's youth seemed so young
you gain weight faster than ever
adult starts to tell you, "I see you grow up =) "
keeping peace is better than winning argument
you miss rolling down the slopes & running in the rain
not much food can go down your throat anymore
you have friends who got into big time trouble =/
kid starts calling you "aunty"
what mum's nagging seemed to make sense
you get excited when you saee "baja hitam" + "captain planet"
childhood's friend just became a father
you asked philosophical questions
personal space & time is desperately needed
you have friends all over the world
drinking lots of water is good for you
you think 3 times before yelling at mum&dad
tidy up your room & wash the toilet willingly =D
you appreciate your teachers so much more
blogging seemed to be a waste of time
you have goal, dreams, ambitions, aims for 10 years
friends fall very sick
you can no longer eat a bar of chocolate or 1litre of ice-cream
your pastor said, "I'm proud of you"
family is important to you
time flies like a jet plane

you start to say, "those were the days..."


Friday, August 17, 2007

luvin home

Finally, I'M BACK HOME =P

After 5 hours of journey from UPM to Malacca.
I survived.

Fakualti Pendidikan Pengajain, UPM - Serdang KTM - Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM - Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT - Pudu Raya - Serdang UPM - Malacca

Suffering & torturing
Yes, it's a super long journey =/
some more kena stopped by JPJ on the way for half an hours -.-''
If sit flight, I could reach Australia

anyway, it's worth it.
I'm back home =)

Now, I'm teman-ing Jien while he study for morning paper.

Right now, I would like to publicly declare that the most horrendous torturing year of my life is 2003 & 2004 were the most stressful years in my life

SPM is kinda insane

I love studying in UPM
Didn't thought studying could be fun =)

Okay, have an awesome weekend =)


Friday, August 10, 2007


Okay, I still can't have enough of New Zealand.

I really love New Zealand because I did not get lost in the city!!

This awesome i-station city guide helps me lots!!

It's the most interesting city guide I ever seen.

touch screen, print discount vouchers, weather report, introduce cool place to go, identify where am i and can take picture to sent to friends!!!

Fin, please ship one i station back to Malaysia.
Malaysians will honour you! hehehe...

ps : i didn't get lost in Wellington city but I got lost in Auckland airport. hehehe =P


Thursday, August 09, 2007

the great masterpiece

life is busy for me.

Early in the morning, I designed a poster as one of my very last minute homework which carry less than 3marks in my finals yet I spend hours just to make sure the graphic is at the right place, coordinate colour, precise angle and the exact size and stuff like that
I am still very sleep and have not award myself for the great masterpiece =)
Gosh... I just wanted to make sure I did my best
Maybe I'm a perfectionist but I still don't think so....

That's all from me.
I have Account quiz in half an hour time.

take care everyone from Malacca.
Miss Malacca lots =D


time to sleep

I finally understood 3.30am is TIME TO SLEEP!


Monday, July 16, 2007


M&M = Meet&Makan

Yes, if you are studying in UPM
you are very, very welcome to M&M, the very awesome party for FREE

M&M is a time to
meet up with gang of friends
meet your friendly juniors
make new cool friends

and of coz we makan together while enjoying M&M =)

M&M is on
20JULY 2007
Sri Pinang Pool Side, Serdang.

Just drop me a comment or cbox if you would like to come
Our bus and van will be on the way to pick you up at the nearest bus stop

Join us for M&M!!


4got blog add

Gosh... I was trying to get in my blog.
yap, I'm very busy as I expected.

Today, I woke up there was only 2 sms.
*as I am typing this, my HP just vibrates*
Ytd, I took an hour of nap and woke up with 6 sms-es
While I was bathing, I could hear my HP ringing.
Busy for God.

God, let your joy be my strength =)

To everyone out there, Have a great day bcuz God is in you!!


Saturday, July 07, 2007

To do list

I'm back in Malaysia
Since I'm back I woke up before 7.30am without continue sleeping =)
A miracle happened and a very big break through for me.

Anyway, I have been unpacking and packing stuff to UPM
TAKE NOTE: This most probably my only post for JULY.
JULY is a busy, busy month.


After Form 5, I wrote down my TO DO LIST!
A very long and random to do list.

And as years passed, the TO DO LIST gets longer and longer...

climb mountains + ride ostrich + drive through valley + learn tap dancing + sit airplane + sit cruise + eat fried worm and cricket + snorkeling + wake up early + travel to Korea + go to posh concert + backpacking in Asia + lunch in hot air balloon + eat exotic food + shoes collection + know God +sponsor a kid + play with dolphin + mini Christian library + write article for newspaper and get paid + being fit + bump into stars +learn cooking and baking
and the list goes on...

In New Zealand, I did many stuff from my TO DO LIST.
I also did many stuff that I wanted to do yet didn't have the guts to pen it down.

God is awesome. He knew everything, all about me =)

one of the stuff I ticked off my to do list is

Yes, I did tandem bungy jump with Sue Fin in Taupo, New Zealand.

I didn't die and survived!
Although after I did it, I was so sure I won't do it again.
Now think of it, I would like to do it again and a SOLO bungy jump.
HOooooHooooo =)

The bungy jump is 47 meter high.
Not very high compared to sky diving 20000ft.
ya, not very high. It just take 4second to jump down and I didn't scream much too.
hahaha... actually, I was too afraid till I didn't dare to scream.
To do bungy jump, it takes a bit of courage, quite a lot of money, a height of 110cm, above 13 years old and weight at least 45kg!
And once again, I'm proud to weight more than 45kg.
To all who are under 45kg, gain for fats so I won't look fat.
Oh I mean, there is more live for weighing more than 45kg =)
Save money, jump more, eat more if you miss one of the requirement
get ready for a jump when opportunity comes by.

Why stand at the edge, when you can jump off?

Anyone need advice?
Enjoy your very safe suicide =)


Friday, June 22, 2007


Wellington Zoo was awesome!!!
\( -.- )/

and the ZOO has really cute sign board

my last post before flying back to Negaraku


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Happy 22nd Birthday, cheh cheh!

Before you left New Zealand, I was afraid.
Afraid that you would change till I could no longer "click" with you.

However, the 1st day, I saw you in NZ after such a long time.
It seemed like we were always together =)

We went shopping together just like we did last time.
We traveled around Wellington and did tons of fun stuff together

And I was so glad that you were still the same.

At least the way you sleep still the same la...

and you still like handmade crafty stuff

But after awhile, I realized you are no longer the same cheh cheh...
last time, I rarely can spot you doing V (Peace)

and you wasn't as naughty as now

nor as violent as now

and you can walk and walk non stop

and now u even dare to buy a bold red shoes

You have changed a lot
So much that I was kinda surprise

and of coz, I noticed you love God more too =)

There is no picture that can prove that you love God more than ever
But through your actions and words,
I know you have changed for His glory.

And I'm proud to have you as my sis!
and I love you lots
and God loves you much more


"For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares he Lord,
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future"
Jeremiah 29:11

This is the day that the Lord has made,
let rejoice and be glad in it!
\ ( -.- ) /
Praise the Lord


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