Sunday, April 26, 2009


why is melaka so so hot?!?!?!!
so much hotter than UPM/ KL

kat UPM/ KL, i have no problem wearing 2 layers with cardi and jeans!
kat melaka, wear shorts with super thin tee also super hot!
what is this?!?!?!
although i know malaccans are hot but aku memang tak faham why the weather so hot.
pagi bangun berpeluh, tengah hari tak yah cakap, malam tak de matahari pum sangat panas!!

oh why?
why, why tell me why?


was away but i'm back

ohlala... i'm back =)
back to melaka
and hopefully back to blogging =)

it was just unbelievable that i survived my 6th semester in uni.
the moment my last paper ended, i was like that was it?
i couldn't have done it without God.
although many times, i admit that i left Him in the hostel room and did my 'to do list' all by my own and came back to the room and realized, "bodohnye aku, i forgot about Him."

so many emo & tough stuff happened throughout my 6th semester.
i will write more whenever i got time but one of the stuff i realized was honesty is the best policy =)
ignorance is bliss but honesty is really the best policy.

there are weeks that i wish i was ignorance about everything.
politics, church stuff, God, friends, counseling skills course mates, IK, assignments...
Bah!! i just didn't wanna know about anything.
i wanted to run away, i didn't wanna hear about not nice stuff.
i wanted to buat bodoh...

but i know it won't solve stuff.
it's just sweeping all those nonsense under the carpet.
it was freaking scary to be honest, not faking out and even more scary to be willing to listen an honest reply.
gosh... it was so so tough but those were the words that really spoke deep into my heart.

telling the truth and nothing but the truth is really not easy, many times i think
i often felt it's just hard to even reply a 'how are you?' question truthfully.
how often do we reply truthfully.
do we really say what you mean, and mean what you say?
 as for me, rarely. i'm learning =)

telling the truth is hard, listening to one is harder, i think!
i salute people who dare to take the risk to tell me the truth with love even though it might hurt me or our friendship.
i appreciate honest answers nowadays though it's still not easy for me to absorb everything
truth can hurt, but truth set us free? hehehe =)

gee... i should go and iron my clothes for church!
ohya, i'm flying off to somewhere on Tuesday. *excited*
btw, if anyone of you wanna donate to me, this is a very good time to do so =)
i'll always remember you and maybe get you stuff from the land i'm going. hehe!

ps: i miss reading comments. pls comment and say hey! hehe..


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