Sunday, December 31, 2006

Blessed New Year!

YEAR 2006

a list of stuff that happen for the 1st time to me

successfully entered University Putra Malaysia with my 1st choice course!
1st Christmas without the whole family ;/
participated in a lunatic "world peace" demonstration, My first and the last!
be a volunteer in an international event
my hair has grown over the shoulder!
spent less than RM100 for Christmas shopping
watched power lifting LIVE
being in the class with 3 Chinese only
bought my 1st nike shoes at 50% off
led a good friend to Christ
attended FGA service
discovered guys can be very,very vain!
made great friends with Koreans and Taiwanese! :>
too lazy to make cards/wrap present this Christmas *1st time... =( *
waxed my legs *ouch*
meet lotsa Taipeng ppl outside Taipeng!
received 2 football shirts as gift =)
Germany world cup and of cause, Korea football tee

discovered my Chinese language is horrendously bad
experienced flood
weighed 50kg and above 0_O
not afraid of hotel manager anymore! hehe...
revieved a love letter from a 13 years old boy
slept at 6.15am after I heard mum waking up to get ready to school
shook hands with our Prime Minister
cried for almost 24 hours non-stop
shopped in Chow Kit road and Petaling Street alone. *proud of myself* 0_O
I think puff sleeves and polka dots are cool!
{Fin, please don't faint! I know what I said long time ago but people change. So do I!}
represented my hostel for futsal. heh!
received US$ as gift
discovered hair dryer is amazing invention! *Less bad hair day from now on!*
and the list goes on....

And oh, not forgetting, in 2006, I have a new blog! =)
I didn't do any much extreme stuff in 2006.

However, in years to come,
I want to
buggy jump, more discipline, sit hot air balloon, learn make-up, dream big dreams, kayaking, snorkeling, own a digicam, sit on airplane, climb mountains, have more faith in Christ, back-packing in Asia, know&love God more, meet my Taiwanese&Korean friends again, flying fox, read Bible from cover to cover, learn to cook laksa, rock climbing, dive into deep ocean, have bigger vision, own a wedges, do more interesting volunteering work, improve in studies, exercise more often,dance in snow&rain&mud, always put God 1st, go for more workshops & camps, discover Malaysia, collect more wrapping papers,
and of coz, I want to stick super close to the best counselor!
and the list goes on...

Many of us end the year 2006 with a BANG!
For some of us, it is more like a BANG on the head
rather than a great ending!

Year 2006 may ends with much disappointed, discouragement, and regrets.
If only, if only, if only...

But let's leave behind the IF ONLYsss
and marched forward to Year 2007!
Thanking God in every situation =)

Exactly One Year Ago 31.12.2005
Fin, Cathy, Joy
Anna, Me, Grace
Bye-Bye 2006




Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!







merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas merry christmas

May this Christmas be a memorable Christmas for you! you! you! you! you!

The Lord, Jesus has done this for you! you! you! you! you!

He has you in mind even before He came to this earth

How precious are you! you! you! you! you! in His sight

May all of us re-discover the true meaning of Christmas in our own heart!


Just want to say
super-super thank you
for all of you who took the trouble to remember and wish me

through sms, friendster, MSN, blog, makan-makan together and in your very own special ways.
I'm truly touched although some of you were forced by me to wish. Muahahaha.... =.=''
I'm sorry if I didn't get to reply your sms, but I treasure it. Thanks!

Btw, I never thought wishing Happy Birthday is so competitive these day!
Everyone wants to be the first.
The 1st person
who called to wish, ex-gbs classmate asked,"Am I the 1st one?"
The 2nd person
who called to wish, ex-KMJ roomate was pissed off because that I told her the truth. She even insisted that the 1st person called at 11.59pm. hahaha...

Then the most
was Anna, because she was not the 1st person to wish me but then she made sure she was the 1st to wish HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Oh my...
That was not the worse, after Anna's sms, I went on MSN. And another ex-gbs classmate did the same as Anna.
Wa... what an interesting world?

This birthday is a little different than the usual.
Friends from Johor, Malacca, Selangor, Perak, Terengganu, Sabah, Kelantan, Kedah and all the way from Korea and Australia who made an effort to make my day special! =)
Suddenly, I just realized I have friends who are in many different places.
Oh, I felt so loved! =]

thanks, thanks, thanks...

truly, appreciated!


Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm 19

My no. 101 post!

Finally I can declare,
I'm 19!!
aku dah 19!!
When friends going 20 soon,
I just turned 19!
How nice...
Whenever I felt old,
I just think of my "older" friends.

18 going to 19 years old was definitely a memorable year.
It was year full of changes...

I always like Chinese New Year. With tons of aunties, uncles and cousins living in 2 kampung houses is awesome! My 18th CNY was super duper special because it was the last few days I was spending time with Fin before she fly to New Zealand.

14.2.2006 Oh my, it was like the darkest day in my 18 years! My dearest sweetest sister, Fin left for NZ to further study. I cried and cried. I thought I couldn't function well without her. Hah! God thought me many valuable lessons. Bye, bye Fin.

Then, I suddenly became not-so-sane. I did shopping like crazy. And of cause, I had a faithful shopping companion who as crazy as me. We went to small towns to shop and eat yummycious food! We definitely had a great time spending money together. =) During exam fever, We enjoyed many sunset and sunrise together. Admiring the hills, the sky, the sun... were our fave pastime. Miss her lots....

I & Jia Ying the crazy shoppers

Not long after that, I graduate from Kolej Matrikulasi Johor!!
Time flies like jet plane.

Bye-bye my fun, caring room mates!
Mawar, Jana, Hana, and me

Bye-bye very crazy funny classmates!

Bye-bye Kolej Matrikulasi Johor!
View from my KMJ hostel

Then, came the BIG question, WHAT IS MY FUTURE?!?!

1st July, I took Counseling and Guidance in Education in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). It was hard get myself comfortable. So much changes in such a short time. No matter what, God has his ways to lead me through.

Oh, thank God for Full Gospel Assemble (FGA). There, I met lot of friends who have blessed and encouraged me tremendously. I learned a lot from them too.

In UPM, things were not as easy as I though. However, I enjoyed every bit of what I studied. Praise God!

Without me realizing it, I finished my 1st semester in UPM. Vividly, I still could remember the torture I went through during orientation week! Fuhyo...

After 1st semester exam, year 2006 going to end soon, I felt quite disappointed with the way I spent my time.
No excitement, no great memories, no life changing experience!

Just when I though year 2006 was boring,scary and tiring.

Then, came interesting stuff!

The handshake with Prime Minister


Prophetic Conference

FLOOD in Malacca! =)
Btw, my house is perfectly okay.
The flood subsided before the water cound enter my lovely house. Amen!

Waaaa... my 18th year on earth ended with a big BANG!
My life not so lifeless after all.
I want to thank God for every single miracle and blessing he showered upon my life.
Truly, how could I live without you, Lord.
I can't wait for what God has in store for me.
Nineteen! 19! Sembilan belas! I will treasure it...
My last of my TEEN years before I join the twenties... =.+


Friday, December 22, 2006

News Update!

12pm News Update
from Taman Rumpun Bahagia, Malacca.
Now, I'm in Mr. & Mrs. Tan's family house.

Currently, the condition is stable. No rain and the water level is stable.
However, the water have reached the car porch, almost entering the house.
Another 1mm of water, the water will flow in the living room.

Picture taken without permission
from the paparazzi Mr. Jr. Tan
for more fotoweb click this

The family is praying hard for that the water will subside because Mrs. Tan has dutifully cleaning the house until it is spick and span. Oh, how blessed is the Tan family.
Mrs. Tan's daughter nagged that the water may enter anytime and destroy all the hard work.
However, she is just happy as usual because she still could MSN and blogging. =.=

Anyway, The backyard still looks safe as the water is still at a distance. Thank God!

The most worried creature in the house is their pet dog, MAX. His face turned green. He has been refusing to eat much for the last few days. Poor dog!! But don't you, dogs lover worry. The super responsible Tan family has sent their lovely MAX to a safer place at a relatives' house nearby.

Okay, That's all for now.
I, Tan Sue Ern reporting
from Desperate Witty Owl TV station =)
The TV station that never sleeps
Have a nice day!


Drawn by a traumatized flood teen-age victim.
The trauma that she gone through no one could understand
The feeling of being lock in the house, and no way to shopping
Boredom, nothing to do is killing her slowly inside.
Red wedges is all she's thinking.
Oh well, she's just a spoiled brat victim.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hey, are you all in Malacca and Johor doing okay?
Still surviving at home? =)
If you still can read my post, then still okay la...
Pray for the rain to STOP and water to STOP flow in!

My house's car porch is flooded and it's rising.
Hope everything will get better...
*No pictures because Jien said I'm like paparazzi; =/ But let's make Anna a real paparazzi! =)

Flood near my house
~boring ugly photo taken by Anna the mashpotatomato
*permission not granted but what are friend for, right?* =]
dad checked the torch light just to be ready
mum wanted to pack an emergency bag just to be ready
jien was excited about it and very ready, (I think)!
and I was thinking if I have the red Vincci wedges then I will be ready.

Now, it's a good time to make use of your wedges or platform shoes!
If I have my red wedges, then I could walk out my house without getting my feet wet but now...
See, I NEEEED my red Vincci wedges NOW! =.="


Tuesday, December 19, 2006






Don't come near me if you're wearing the red Vincci wedges!
Stay away from me!
Go away...
If not, you and your red wedges will be in danger!

It was my 1st time searching crazily and desperately just for a pair of shoes!
From Malacca to KL to Malacca just to find a pair of size 5/6 red vincci wedges
but unsuccessful!

I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* by the way, it's not potato wedges that I want, okay!



Just the other day...

"Jien, you know UPM is the best university. Universiti Paling Maju!"

"Ya, right!?!? Then, UM?"

"Universiti Maju only. UKM pula, Uni.."

"Universiti Kurang Maju."

"ar... clever!"

"Wa... then USM is Universiti Sedikit Maju"

"hahahaha.... good one!" =)

*1 happy UPM-er*


Monday, December 18, 2006

Answered Prayer!

Have you made a promise to God?
I did when I was Form 1

I prayed to God that I will not cheat/ "confirm answers" during exam.
*heh... for those honest people, "confirm answers" is looking at your friend answer just to double check!"*
And if I cheat then I'll fail the paper.
And if I didn't cheat then I'll pass the paper.

And truly, God never fail to fulfill it.
I didn't fail any on my exam papers during secondary years.
I had many almost-failed paper but not once I failed. Amazing but true!
Gee... I didn't know how I survive history and add math if not of HIM.

Then, came the year I went matriculation, Kolej Matrikulasi Johor.
Math was super tough! I couldn't understand...
The lecture was not only speaking in France but he was speaking to himself or the wall only!
Just like everyone else, I copied during testss in the tutorial classroom.

Then came the day I received my 1st mid semester exam result!
Lo and behold, I FAILED!
I failed my 1st exam.
I cried and I mourned but after I knew 60%/ more of the students failed, I felt much better. Hehe...
Then, I remembered the prayer I prayed!
I confessed... I repented... Guilty was me!
After I confessed, I felt relieved that I failed. I learned...

Later, a kind lecturer told me it was tough to get a B after I failed math. I was devastated.
But mana tahu, I graduated with a A- from KMJ!
All glory goes to God!! =)

Today, I checked my 1st semester PNGK.

And discovered I got what I prayed for!
Wa... Is not God good and great?
Last week, I knew only my grades and counted the PNGK myself. And it fell short of what I prayed for. But it turned out that I made a mistake with my counting. Hah...

So, prayer answered again!
Fuh! God never fail to amaze me.
Truly, Holy Spirit is my guide.
Super thankful to God.
Thank You, Jesus.
Love you, Jesus!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

3rd Nov 2006

3rd Nov 2006 was the day I shook hand with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi! =]

Early in the morning, we woke up!
Everyone was busying choosing baju kurung! *It was a must to wear baju kurung*
Since I only had ONE baju kurung, so I didn't need to choose instead I helped others to choose.
The gals, not including me,were took a long time to make-up as if Pak Lah was going to marry one of them. *ahem*

At last, we were ready!

When we got in the bus, I suddenly realised i didn't know where were we going or what were we supposed to do! I asked the person-in-charge but he also didn't know. Great! The only thing we knew was we were going to meet the PM! =.=

After awhile, we reached Putrajaya!
FUH! 1st time... The buildings and architecture are majestic! *seriously*
The Malays went for solat jumaat while the others did their own stuff.
Me, as usual was shock sendiri, snapping away!

this is my fave pic! =)

Then, I sat on one of the benches with my friends.
Out of a sudden, there was a bunch of Chinese tourists came with a tour guide and selamba-ly sat with us and snapping away.

I was duh! =.= and -_-''' was I but the others =) and :]

Later the guys came back gleeing because they just met Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad!
I want to see him!!!
According to them, he was still strong and tegap! Fuh...

Later, the bus brought us to Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

PICC : day and night

It suppose to be the best convention hall in South East Asia. Many international meetings were held in PICC. It was awesome!

There was rows of black Perdana cars parked along the road. The moment we stepped in, there were ushers welcoming in all the way in to the hall. Fuh! It was a looong way with looong queue of ushers.

When we were in the hall, there were guards with baju melayu assisting us, helping us to find our tables. FUH! I still didn't know what event was it, but I knew got MAKAN! hehehe...

The event started quite on time. Followed by speeches while we enjoyed our food! I received RM1 from a stranger. It was my ONE & ONLY duit raya for Year 2006 Raya! The RM1 is still nicely folded in my purse.

After the speeches, the shake-hand ceromony. The crowd rusded like it was Jaya Jusco Member's Day! Anyway, almost everyone's hand was shook by PM. *So nice of him*

PM up close!
blhc, close enough?
See PM's guards behind him? They are the bad guys!!!

The 1st reaction I had after shaking his hand was," WAAAA.... Why his hand so soft!!" *babies pun kalah* I didn't had a chance to take a pic with PM because his guards didn't let but my friends did!


After Pak Lah went, there were more available ministers who were attracting popularity and cameras snapping away layan-ing them.

What a memorable day!
I met the PM today =0


Friday, December 15, 2006


I managed to sleep till 7:30am! Fuh, I woke up the latest among them. hehehe... *lazy bump*

It was like 100 hours of sleep but ...
I didn't wake up!
I didn't want the day to start!!!!!
I didn't want them to goooooooooooooooooo!
I didn't want! I didn't want!

They 'inherited' to me more 'property. Taiwanese chopsticks, toothpaste, tee-shirts, mug mee, coffee, tee... but not her W/C although I liked to sit on it.

side story : I like to sit on W/C because of the air-bag cushion. It is very comfy. Whenever I was in the gals room, they would let me play with their W/C. I sat on the W/C to eat and almost feel asleep. Heh...

I came with one back bag, but went back with two bags.

We gathered at the lobby. Everyone were busy snapping pictures and getting signature. Later, we started our journey to KLIA. How I wish it was a longer journey!

In the bus, I chatted with Chinese Taipei badminton coach. He has a paint company and he is filthy rich! He could afford to sent his 3 children to private school with extremely high free. I can't remember exactly how much. The zeros behind made me go blur. And FIN, he is willing to offer you a job as English tutor in Taiwan. His wife opens tuition center. He said my English is good but I told him, my sister's English is better. Hahaha... Fin, I'm serious! He even gave his business card to me, just in case you are interested! By the way, starting pay is RM3000 - RM 4000. Not bad uh?

We passed by ladang kelapa sawit, housing estates, factories and then UPM!!
Universiti Paling Maju - Universiti Putra Malaysia.
Excitedly, I exclaimed,"this is my University!"
Everyone was "WAAAHHHH, soooo big. Got ladang lembu some more!!"
Hehehe... UPM pride! =)

After awhile, we reached KLIA safely.
I was reminded of the day I sent Fin to airport. Numbness overwhelmed me.
I felt like yelling! Stomped my feet! Pulled hair crazily!
However, I just kept my cool and calmness.
They shopped more in KLIA.
The gals love Body Shop and went in. Later, more and more Taiwanese went in. Suddenly, I was like a sales gal. Translating, explaining, and introducing products to them in Chinese language. Haha...

I didn't know what lotion and body scrub in Chinese Language. And I had to do action and explained it in a very cacated way. All of us had a big laugh! =/ *I still amazed how Jie Min could successfully describe pewter to her athletics who are blind without knowing the Chinese word for pewter!*

Later, I chatted with an Archery athletic who owned a resort + flower farm + animals farm, all at one place.
Check out his website! Very cool! Take a look at the video clip in the web. (Don't know Chinese? Don't worry. Just click on the blinking words, then you can see the video clip) I was amazed by how beautiful the farms are! And, got Kereta Lembu too! 0_O He offered me a place there for holiday and a part time job if I need extra cash! *awww... How sweet!* So, anyone want to sponsor my flight ticket to Taiwan?

Then, it was time for the LOs to go back! Our transport was waiting for us.
The LOs said our last, last words! We didn't had time to wait for them to fly off...
I was almost in tears. *Numbed* It was definitely not easy after being with them for 10 days.
I was toooo attached to them. How could I not be...

I didn't know this experience would be meaningful and memorable.
I didn't think I would be their friend while volunteering as LO.
I didn't expect they would treat me like one of them, one of their family members.

I didn't know we would have so much fun together in 10 days.
I didn't think I would ever made so many different nationalities friends.
I didn't expect to be so blessed by them and the experience.

Being a with them, had changed my perception on life and how I handle like.
Being a volunteer, I discovered I love people. I need to work with people!

I thank God for he was always there for me to make my path straight!

Lesson Learned :
Be willing to learn and you'll learn a lot of stuff that will change your life.

Summary for the lazy/blur/ not so ah-ma reader :
The LOs send the Chinese Taipei contingent to the airport. I felt so numb just like Fin left for NZ. =/


Survive the torture?


Thursday, December 14, 2006


Time flies like a jet plane!

It was my last day with the Chinese Taipei Power Lifting Contingent before sending them of to a far away land. =(

I reached GS Hotel early as usual although I didn't need to.

By this time, I was very close with them. I didn't need to sleep in the lobby anymore. Just knocked their door, I could just land my exhausted body onto their comfy bed. For the 1st time in weeks, I slept very well. Now, it was their turned to wake me up and made sure I was ready on time. Hehehe...

Later, the gals and I with the archery and swimming contingent went to Mid Valley! Yahooo...

When we reached MV, we were treated like VVIP! The guard welcomed and greeted us. He then opened door for us and assisted us in every way he could. Fuyoh... What a privileged!

I refrained myself from shopping though it was very tempting! All I did was being with them whenever they went. It was such a great feeling to enter any shop and come up with bags of stuff! We only managed to enter a few shops but every shop that we entered, were conquered by them! How I wish I could be like them.

While shopping, I realized MV is very W/C friendly even the shops. Every path was wide enough for W/C users. Recently, whenever I went, I took noticed whether the building has W/C facilities. *Pahlawan Mall is specially made to be W/C friendly! That's why I LOVE it* We were in a hurry so we 'tapao-ed' Yoshinoya for lunch.

Before heading back, the bus driver took us round the city! How cool!!
Later, everyone got ready to go to the closing ceremony.

We started waiting from 4:30pm but as usually, we had to wait and wait. And the rain was pouring like elephant and hippopotamus. Things were so unorganized. I felt so cheated because the organizer told us it would start at 6:30pm but in actually 8:30pm only started. *Pissed off!!*

According to one of the them, it was the worst closing ceremony she attended! *paiseh, me the Malaysian!*
Never mind, snapping photes away made everyone happier.

The generous man with the LOs
He was the one who treated me seafood dinner

Remember the Archery coach?
See I grew taller! Over the shoulder!
Hahaha... the LOs stood on the road divider!

I only get to know her on the last day. *What a waste*
Her name is Fang Tzu-ya and 19 years old just like me. But she rides her motorbike to the city, not like me who still need MUM!
The moment she knew my age and I am a Christian, she was so happy. Mana tahu it was at last somebody could call her 'cheh cheh' -_-''
She was the swimmer for Chinese Taipei and won some medals. *Great* A very pretty girl with tons of courage. She uses her feet to write and her writing put me to shame! She even could write nicer than me in a moving bus. *Paiseh*
When she invited me to eat supper, I was amazed how she could use her feet to hold a cup and spoon to eat maggie mee. *very cool* She was so cute, she wanted to touched my dangling earring so much! Hah...

Finally, at 8:30pm, we marched in a MESS! We didn't know where we supposed to go and everything was kelam kabut. By 9:30pm, the Chinese Taipei contingent couldn't stand it anymore, we decided to head back GS Hotel.

As we were on the bus, everyone were in the happy mood again. Seriously, beside the fire crackers, others was not worth watching. *Pathetic but true* I wish the next time Malaysia will do better.

That day, I slept over in the gals hotel! So luxurious! =) I could hear my back cried for joy after 11 days of hard uncomfy bad.
While Ya Hsuan was bathing, DHB came to our room, all the way from CP Hotel! FUH! The gals were on cloud nine.
Before DHB, the gals talked me into bringing them to CP Hotel without the coach knowledge. I did agreed reluctantly. Thank God, DHB came if not I may be in trouble. Hahaha...

The day ended with a BLAST!!!
Lesson learned :
We cannot turn back time. Treasure every moment...

Summary for the lazy/blur/ not so ah-ma readers :
We went to MV for shopping. Then, we went to the worst closing ceremony. Surprisingly, DHB came to GS Hotel. The gals were on cloud nice skipping away. =)



Ya Hsuan is a freelance computer graphic designer.
She made this for me!!
How sweet of her!
Tell me how not to like them! =)
Love them lots!
Currently, I'm using the circled toothpaste.
The only different it the packaging.
Instead of English, it's Chinese.

Ya Hsuan gave it to me because I like it so much.
Seriously, it's the best toothpaste I had ever used.
It's more liquid/cair than the tube colgate.
Wish Malaysia will sell it soooon.....

Last day of competition! *phew*

THE DAY for Big Bro Kuo Tai!

He was a body builder before a power lifter!
Fuyoh! Power lifting get paid better so...
His gf is pretty and works as a teacher

Early in the morning, we went through the usual stuff.
He is the above 100kg category, so weight is not a problem to him. He could eat as much as he could.

Before the competition started, we met a 70++ years old power lifting judge who still carries barbell and enter competition. Wa... he was a fitness buff! He is even the spoke person for a health product. After chatting for awhile, he took out a poster of him and signed! He then passed to the Chinese Taipei Assistant. Everyone were waaaah-ing about it. He continued his chatting and took out a small photo album. He showed us the photos of him flexing his muscle during the younger days and not-so-young days. Then, I realized this old man was very VAIN!
He paused at one photo and said,"this is how I looked like few months after my surgery." More people crowed around admiring his fitness even after operation.
Then, he continued,"Few weeks after the operation, I looked at myself in mirror, tears rolled down my eyes. I was sad. *paused* My muscles all were gone!"
I was like -____-""' !!!
Vain vain vain... Vanity! Vanity knows no age or gender.

It was as if his world just turned up side down!! *smacked head*

At the end of the day, he won SILVER medal as expected.

The over-joyed Kuo Tai with his Silver medal

In the evening, the assistant treated the Power Lifting contingent and myself seafood dinner in a famous restaurant nearby!
We walked over there. I was too busy eating until I forgotten to take some pictures but the others remembered. heh!

The food was very-very yummylicious, especially since I was deprived of edible food for ages. On normal days, it was either I was too busy to eat or the food was too yucky & eerky to eat. *saliva dripping as I thought of it!* After the makan, they handed me an envelope. I will always remember how nice they were to me. The assistant even mentioned,"You are like one of the family to us." *super-duper touched* I was there to be a blessing but I was more blessed!

What a great day!

*Hwei Sue miraculously helped my athletics to buy 34 boxes of Tan Kim Hock coconut biscuits and 27 pack of Tan Kim Hock coconut sweets from The Mines ALL BY HERSELF. According Hwei Sue, she had Jesus with the cross on his shoulder as she was carrying it. Wa... I'm deeply thankful to her. Thanks HWEI SUE! It really didn't occur to me it was a lot! =/*

Lesson Learned :
You'll reap what you sow. Seriously, do to others what you want them to do to you. Give and it'll be given back unto you.

Summary for the lazy/blur/ not so ah-ma readers : Big bro Kuo Tai won silver medal for above 100kg category. Later, the assistant treated us seafood dinner. Truly, I was blessed!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Fuh! I'm still surviving after so many ah-ma post! Hehe... Hope it's not too torturing for you! =)
3 more days to go. Enjoy the most ah-ma post of all! 0_O
*please save yourself from the torture of the ah-ma-ness*

Today, there was no training. The gals planned to watch the competition then, go Crown Princess Hotel and shopping with the Koreans.
At 1st, I was a bit worried since the coach didn't feel safe to let them go.
Then, one of them said,"if you following us, then coach will let us go!"
FUYOH! I am so much younger than them but yet, so much trust had given to me. *Was I that trustworthy*humbled again*

When I reached GS Hotel, I decided to buy cards from the souvenir shop. As I was buying, I felt the urged to bargain. *Bargain in a hotel? WAKE UP, Sue Ern!!* Surprisingly, the man gave me a discount! I was still in shocked and super-happy after that.

The gals and I headed to the stadium.

I decided to walk to Jaya Jusco, Ampang to buy their fave coconut biscuit! *I forgotten when was the last time I eaten our own Malacca coconut biscuit! I just don't like it.* As I was desperately searching, I saw my cousin who I normally meet during CNY only! I was shocked, happy, excited, couldn't believe but he was so COLD! He didn't have any reaction. He just said,"ei, you are here?" He either didn't recognize me or he memang like that. *Keksim* Anyway, I continue my hunt. But mana tahu, JJ didn't sell any! *piss off* After walking so far, I must buy something back. So, I grab a box of Penang biscuit and reluctant to buy because it was toooo expensive. Then, a sales girl came and said,"I can give you RM2 off for this." *What? Biscuit also got discount?* I couldn't believe with my ears so I bargained for another ringgit off! Lo and behold, she really gave me. When I was paying it, I still couldn't believe it! It still doesn't make any sense to me! Is not God great? He knew my budget. Amen?

Since the past few days, I was always with the Taiwanese and Koreans. Since then, many mistook me for being one of them. I escaped many scolding because they thought I was not Malaysia. It was such a nice feeling to be treated as foreigner! =) Today, a guy couldn't believe I am a Malaysian even after I spoke BM!?! I had to take out my IC to prove it to him. DUH!

During the competition, there was always somebody talking to me. Thank God for them if not I would dead bored.

These were the nice-nice people who so rajin and kuasa to talk to me...

This Korean was extremely friendly. His name is Jung Sung Yun. He is only 24 years old but he is the CEO of a computer graphic design company and he drive a BIG car! Fuyoh! At 24 years old, I only will graduate from UPM and busy looking for job. How did he do it? Truly, inspiring! 0_O

Chuam Xi Yang is another person who always teman me. hahaha...
He was extremely cute! He is less than 52kg and he won silver! *few kgs heavier than me only!*super cute! =)* Hah...
I like the way he spoke Chinese. And, I disturbed him a lot, part of my entertainment! *kesian him!*
In GS Hotel, he used internet whenever he could. Later, I discovered if he went back to China, all he do is training, sleeping and eating. Torturing yet he sees it as a blessing to be able to serve his country.
China's Pride is the ultimate!

Beside talking, many time I had to be a translator too. The Koreans know Korean language, and a little of English. The Taiwanese know Chinese, and lagi little of English. When a Korean athletic (KA) wanted to talk to my Taiwanese athletic (TA), the KA would tell Min-Jang (The Very Good Looking Korean Guy) whose English was the best among the Koreans. Min Jang then, would translate it to English to me. And I would use my half past six Chinese to translate to my athletic. Fuh! 2 people wanted to communicate but it involve 4 people! *what a loooong journey!* Superly funny...

As usual, the Taiwanese and Koreans showered me with lots of goodies for their country.
All I could say was THANK YOU!

The highlight of the day was

Park Jong Chul
His 'meditation' before he won GOLD
with 232.5kg barbell!

His 1st time winning GOLD
He lifted 180kg barbell

According to sources, he used to get 3rd or 8th position only. What a sweet win!

What a glorious day for the Korean contingent!

Korean Power Lifters group picture
with their 2 greatest Taiwanese supporters snapping away! =)

After competition ended, we went with the Koreans back to their hotel.
It was pretty cool! *something out of my daily routine*
For once, I didn't have to worry about transportation!

While in the bus, I got to know them better.
There was not enough space for him *the bold guy in the picture* to park his W/C but he was strong! With just his hands, he lifted himself from the W/C onto the chair beside me. Fuh!
Ish... Power lifters! *Felt like a sotong again!*

They really treated me like their family, just like one of them. Gee... *touched* It was a great feeling just being with them! Happy and motivated people brighten up my not-enough-sleep day!

When we reached CS Hotel, 'things' started to happen. Thank God for a kind-heart Korean guy *don't know his name* was so considerate and helpful! He helped us in every way he could. Somehow, wish to see him again and thank him. =)

After that, we had lunch and the shopping began. The most interesting part was not about shopping but it was seeing how them with wheel chair could go up and come down the escalator all by themselves. Some even could wheel down the steps safely all be themselves!! Can you believe it! Really very cool!! Wish I snapped pictures but I was too kan-chiong to do anything. hahaha.. =/ People around just stood in awe! hehehe... *show off*

Despite the unplanned incident that happened, we had great fun together!

After finished shopping, I asked the hotel for 2 taxi to go back GS Hotel.
The 1st taxi that stop was so rude until I was too embarrassed to translate what he said! Later, a limo van came and willing to fetch us back. DHB teman-ed us back. *Aww... so sweet of him!*

The limo driver was super friendly. He chatted with us all the way and I told him they are power lifter competing in FESPIC. He seemed so honored to have them in the lime. Heh! =)
When we reached GS Hotel, DHB offered to pay the taxi fee plus tips. At 1st, the limo driver resisted the tips but DHB insisted. *so sweet of him again* The limo driver must had pitied them. I almost wanted to tell the driver,"oh take it, he earns tons of money!" Seriously, they didn't need our pity! They are as capable just like you and me, sometimes more capable too. Sometimes, I think we, the people with no disability are those who with disability. Our mentality need to be changed! Ahem...

Lesson Learned :
Ask and it will be given unto you. Ask for a discount, and it will be given. Things that are impossible with man, it's possible with God.
Those on W/C are as capable as you and me, sometimes more capable too.

Summary for the lazy/blur/ not so ah-ma : The gals and I went to watch the competition. I bargained in GS Hotel Souvenir's Shop and Jaya Jusco. Surprisingly, I received discount. I met more nice athletics. And most importantly, Duk Hwan Bong won a GOLD for the 1st time while PJC added another gold into his collection! After competition, we went shopping with the Koreans. Truly, we had a great time.

P.S. : some of the date and time written are not very accurate. I got mix up but it did happened!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Lately, I could easily dream. I dreamed about I got drunk with alcohol and Peter How drown in a coffin! --____--''

The BEST mug mee I ever tasted! OH, please give me more!
Anyone volunteer want to ship it for me from Taiwan?
The athletics actually brought dozensssss of this mug mi over here,
just in case they didn't like Malaysian food.

Wah... how nice to laze around till 5:30am. What a rare opportunity!

Up in the very frozen bus till I could turned into a frozen prawn if not because of my faithful maroon sweater.

I reached GS Hotel. Straight away, I continued ZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzz in the lobby. After awhile a Thai badminton male athletic came to sit in front of me. *he looked like my dad =)* He wanted to chat with me but I was too malas and tired to layan him. I just gave short, boring answers. *So bad of me* Before heading to his competition stadium, he gave me a pat to wake me up and handed me 2 unique animal skin Thai key chains. *****felt so unworthy to receive!***** He really brighten up my day. It was not because of the key chains but the kindness he showed.

Of all the souvenirs I received, this 2 key chains are the most memorable souvenirs I received in FESPIC!

Later, the Chinese Taipei Power Lifting contingent and I went to the stadium for training and to watch the competition.

After training, only the gals *Ya Hsuan, Tzu Hui and Me* left behind to enjoy the competition.
But not for long, the gals decided to go back before it ended.

We wanted to go back to GS Hotel but no bus driver wanted to sent us =(

However, the Malay chap who was in-charge of the transportation was 'IN LOVE' with my athletics. Whatever was asked, was granted~! My gals athletics were too charming and cheeky at MANY times to resist... -_-''

SMILES that melt heartsss! =)
but -_-'' at time! ;)

He then, volunteered to sent with his own van. Rare case!
When we were in the van, my athletics had a better idea!
"Where not go to Crown Princess Hotel where the Korean Power Lifters are staying before heading GS Hotel?" they asked with super pathetic faces.
I was reluctant to ask but the looked at their face! Ish...

Surprisingly, the chap agreed without any nagging!
Then, my athletics started to call him "KACAK!! KACAK!!" all the way until he was super-duper-kembang!

Call my athletics smart! Yes, they are!
They made everybody wanted to do what they wanted!

When we reached CP Hotel, they didn't know the room number of the Korean guy whom they wanted to meet, DUK HWAN BONG!!
Then, they threw me into the Korea Admin Office to asked for the his room number ALONE! -_-'' *betrayed* Some more, his name so hard to pronounce.

Anyway, we managed to meet up with him. He was sick and the next day was his competition. They went to give support! *Awwww...* But they had another reason. *Hint*


Ahem... Just talking to him for 15 minutes was enough to fill her day with stars and her night with sun!

Anyway, DHB was very friendly. He gave me a OFFICIAL KOREA FOOTBALL TEE!
I was in daze... *high*

After 15 minutes, we went skipped, jumped, slided back to GS Hotel.
What an adventurous day!

Lesson Learned :
Be friendly and ask nicely. People treasure it! And, their favor is upon you!

Summary for the lazy/blur/ not so ah-ma :
We took an adventurous ride to Crown Princess Hotel just to see HIM! And, I got an OFFICIAL KOREA FOOTBALL TEE! *high*


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