Thursday, October 15, 2009



i tend to teringat super random stuff.
i teringat the boy who stole my chipsmore from my tupperware during kindy!!
i teringat Su Min's chocolate ice-cream dropped from the cone when she took her 1st lick!!
i teringat of the uncle who sells air cincau in my secondary school!!
i teringat the tree with roots macam chicken feet in my primary school!!
i teringat the chicken rice ball served during kindy!! yummy =D
i teringat the people who promised to buy me ice-cream many,many years ago but till now still didn't buy for me!! =P

bah! doesn't sound so random after all kan?
coz all that i teringat are related to FOOD including chicken feet!

Have a super nice day! =D
olala.... oh ya, i wish to be in d'lish at Bangsar NOW. oh, the cupcakes sungguh sedap k =)
yes! i can dream on, so can  you. -.-'''
olalala... tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


fin said...

you don't even eat chicken feet... -_-"

Yuen said...

first *.* then T.T. i want nice food too.

ignores chicken feet

DWO said...

u and sue fin -.-''

i want to go out? can u pls decide for me if MV or Bangsar better? mayb i shud treat myself w something really cool and nice today! teeheee... =P

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